Lovable Labels Allergy Alert Review

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May is Allergy Alert Month! And to celebrate that I have found a fabulous help for those of us who have children with food allergies!! (This is a great idea for teachers to suggest to parents who come with allergies in the classroom!) Lovable Labels is a company that makes all sorts of personalized labels – allergy alerts and others! They make sticker labels, iron on labels, bag tags, metal tags, allergy alert labels, and even medical wristbands! What I love about the allergy alert labels I received is that they are dishwasher AND microwave safe!! I can’t tell you, as a parent of children with food allergies, how fabulous this is! Below I took a picture of my son’s sippy cup (after washing it), and you can see the Lovable Label I received, and the old remnants of sticky paper labels that have come off in the dishwasher, but I can’t the sticky off of.


I was impressed at these labels. They are VERY nice and certainly do stay put! No peeling or slipping, and my kids can’t seem to pull these labels off. The bright red STOP! sign certainly will make someone look twice at the sticker. All of the Allergy Alert labels have my son’s name on them, and says that he is allergic to Soy, Dairy, and Almond. If your child goes to a church nursery, daycare, or school- it doesn’t matter how many times you tell their workers that your child has an allergy- eventually they will forget. In fact when I drop my son off at his church nursery on Sundays I remind them EVERY single week of his allergies, and would you believe that every week for months my son would come home with allergy rashes and digestive problems. EVERY single week. These stickers are a visual reminder for caregivers that they can’t miss to remind them of your child’s allergy.
Food allergies can be a VERY serious thing. We use these for my son’s food allergies, but you can even use them on your child’s gear for other allergies such as bees or even diabetes! I placed my sons labels on his drink cups, his sandwich holder and lunchbox. You just can’t be too careful. I will certainly be using these as my son gets older. Keeping my son safe from the foods that he is severely allergic to is a big issue for us- and this is one very simple way that I can help to prevent the wrong foods being offered to him.
Disclosure: I was not compensated for this review. I was sent some labels to try.


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  1. My favorite are the multipurpose labels. We too have food allergies in our house (dairy, eggs, peanuts/tree nuts & potatos)!
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  2. We have food allergies here also…tree nuts and fish. My daughter also has down syndrome and is nonverbal. I love the safety bands. [email protected]

  3. Hi Crystal,

    It looks like you have your hadns full with your two amazing boys. Thank you so much for posting your review on our Allergy Label for this month. It's really important to spread the word about Allergy Awareness. Thanks again. Looking forward to seeing who wins!

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  6. i am torn between the outdoor bin labels and the spa labels. they are both awesome!

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