It’s not as Easy as it Looks…. #PinterestFail

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It’s a bit ironic but last week I began working on a Pinterest project that looked SO incredibly simple and beautiful for Easter. You’ve a;; seen those beautiful stringy egg projects. A little embroidery floss, some balloons, some starch – it was easy right?! Well I made it the day before I left for the Get Radical Conference and I spent over an hour feeling a little defeated that this ridiculously seemingly simple project was SO hard and turned out so ugly! Such a simple thing really! But while at the conference this weekend I heard this awesome phrase – “To achieve success you have to be willing to leap, fly, jump, AND FALL.” Yep – this project definitely fits in that “FALL” category – it was a flop. BUT I like seeing “projects gone wrong” so I thought I’d share it with you!

To create your own failure masterpiece you’ll need:

embroidery floss 

Make sure you buy small balloons otherwise you’ll have gigantic “eggs”.


I tried blowing these up as little as I could but they still looked enormous to me. Maybe this was my hint that this project would go all wrong! 🙂

string in starch

Dunk your embroidery floss into a bowl of liquid starch.

string on balloon

Then wrap the string around the balloon into an amazing creation. This picture looks like it will be great right? Except that it took almost 30 minutes to actually get the slippery wet starchy string to stay onto the balloon and as soon as I snapped my picture it literally all slid off. #FAIL

string in a knot

So I tried again – but make sure that your pile of string doesn’t get knotted in your bowl of start like mine did……every single time.


Yep – looks hideous doesn’t it? I had blown up several balloons so I was determined to keep trying.

string on balloon

By my 3rd balloon it looked OK. Not like an egg but at least the pattern was looking better than my first balloon which looked like I just dumped a pile of wet string on it! Let it sit overnight and then pop the balloon the next morning. You’ll be able to pull it right out of the string (that should stay in place because of the starch).

#PinterestFail #Fail

Yeah…..that did NOT turn out so gorgeous! Who knew that putting some wet string on a balloon would be so difficult!? Hah!

#PinterestFail #Fail

I decided to display them anyway since I went to all the trouble of making them. Hopefully they will hold together until my kids get home anyway when they can rip it apart. The yellow was my first balloon – it’s totally falling apart. The green was my 2nd attempt and you can see it’s pretty much falling apart. The blue was my 3rd and best balloon and it’s holding up – but the 3 creations were so large I had to get one of my largest serving dishes to put them in! Definitely not the cute little Easter egg crafts I was thinking of! 🙂 So let this serve as a reminder that not everything on Pinterest is as simple as it appears! 🙂

What is the last thing you failed at and what did you learn from it?

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  1. try it with yarn (the original looks like yarn) and water & school glue mixed 50/50 (cheaper and sturdier than starch)

  2. water balloons also tend to go into more of an egg shape when filled with air

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