Flitter the Nature Dragonfly Craft

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Flitter the Nature Dragonfly
Nature Dragonfly Craft
Materials Needed:
Elmer’s Glue Stick
1 pair of googly eyes
1 piece of construction paper
1 pom-pom
1 small twig
4 dried leaves
Take a little nature hike outdoors, and let your kids collect 1 small twig and 4 leaves for each dragonfly that you will create. Once inside, let each child pick out their own color construction paper. Use your Elmer’s Glue Stick to attach the dragonflies googly eyes to the pom pom ball, then glue the pom pom ball onto the construction paper. (refer to picture above) Position two leaves on one side of the dragonfly for its wings, then glue down. Repeat on the other side. Now this is the tricky part- glueing the twig down on the construction paper. I was actually able to glue ours on using just the glue stick although I recommend using a hot glue gun if you have one handy. I did apply the glue stick directly to the twig, then found a flat spot on the twig and laid it onto the paper.
¬†While we were outside searching for twigs & leaves my son found an insect’s molt! What a neat lesson to incorporate into our craft!

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  1. Alicia C. says:

    We're definitely doing this one – dragonflies are my FAVORITE and this looks so nice and easy that my toddler could pretty much do it by himself!

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