Flamingo Gardens Sandy Beach Sand Globe Craft

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All of our supplies below were sent to us from Oriental Trading! This is not a paid post.

Break out the beach sand and make your own flamingo gardens sand globe craft! I can hardly wait to dip my toes into the sand again here in the Midwest but for now I’m opting to craft fun beach sand globes instead to keep it festive here!

flamingo beach sand globe

The fun thing about these beach sand globes are that you can use sand and water (or confetti or glitter!) or make it easy and just add some paper confetti inside! Either way it’s plenty of fun to shake around! Oriental Trading has other awesome at home craft ideas to keep your kids busy!

Video Tutorial:

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flamingo beach luau craft

Materials Needed:

  • globe, mason jar, or other container with lid

  • flamingos

  • palm tree picks

  • hot glue

  • twine (optional)

  • sea shells (optional)

  • sand or paper or confetti

If you order the bendable flamingos from Oriental Trading like I did they are very tall so I recommend bending their legs down a bit otherwise your flamingo will be in the air bubble in your water globe! So make sure you add water to the very tip of the globe and/or bend your flamingo down a bit!

hot glue craft

Glue down your flamingo and palm trees to the inside lid of your globe. We ordered tropical palm tree picks like you stick in cubes of cheese or sandwiches! Just remember that your objects will need to fit inside the globe when you screw the lid on!

flamingo beach sand globe craft

A note about using hot glue: Hot glue doesn’t always last long inside a water globe with kids shaking it so you may want to use aquarium sealant if you don’t want to have to fix your sand globe later.

toy flamingo beach globe craft

Let your glue dry thoroughly. Isn’t this adorable!? It totally got me into the sunny tropical sandy beach mood! Flamingos and palm trees make a fun sand globe craft theme!

flamingo tropical sand globe

I couldn’t decide whether I wanted paper confetti inside my sand globe with no water or beach sand with shells and water – so I tried it both ways!

If you have kids who tend to open snow globes then I would opt for the no water version! Otherwise you might want to glue the lid down.

tropical flamingo snow globe

Before you add your sand and water, make sure that your sandy beach scene will fit inside the rim of your snow globe! Since my globe has a more narrow opening than inside the globe I had to be careful where I glued everything into place at.

snow globe water

Next add your water! Add the water ALMOST all the water up to the rim. Don’t forget that your flamingo and palm trees (or whatever else you have inside) will displace some of the water so don’t fill it all the way to the rim just yet.

If you have glycerin you can add a squirt of it inside to help maintain the freshness of the water clarity, but I didn’t use it.

orange sand craft

You can use craft sand like I did or sand from your last trip to the beach! It does tend to sink a lot quicker than if you were to use glitter. And confetti will mostly float. So you can choose what style you are going for and add it accordingly!

Wondering what the twine was for? Hot glue it wrapped around the base of your beach sand globe to add a bit of tropical flair!

flamingo beach sand globe

Voila! You’re done with your sand globe craft! Check out this fun beachy flamingo gardens sand globe! It’s SO festive and a great way to bring some of the sunny tropical fun right inside your home! 

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