Tap Shoes HACK for Kids

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Tap Shoes Hack for Kids

My boys love anything that makes noise or movement which has paved the way for my 6 year old’s newest obsession – tap shoes! Not having access to tap shoes or really knowing how to properly use them we decided to come up with this tap shoes hack for kids that my son did himself. All you need is an old pair of shoes, 4 pennies, and some hot glue! (make sure to monitor your kiddo during hot glue use!)

Simply hot glue two pennies onto the bottom of the shoe where the toe would sit, and hot glue two additional pennies on the bottom of the shoe where your heel would sit. VOILA that’s it! You’ve got yourself a pair of makeshift tap shoes! Now any time my son gets interested in using tap shoes he can grab his homemade pair and dance away! Just last week we took them to see the Wizard of Oz on Broadway (their very first Broadway) and the tin man wore tap shoes during the play! Yep – guess what my son did when he came home?! Used his “tap shoes”!

Want to buy REAL tap shoes? They are only about $10-$20 on Amazon HERE! 

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