Eitech Electro 7052 Review

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Eitech’s Electro 7052
Learn about gears, electronics, and technology with Eitech’s Electro 7052 Kit! Geared for children ages 8 and up, this is perfect for the hands-on child who loves science, building things, and/or electricity! It contains 22 different experiments to build that use lights, sound, and/or movement.
This kit is a fantastic idea for use in the classroom when talking about electricity! It is written in both German and English.
Electricity is energy, and seeing it in a visual representation of wires and connectors makes it simple to understand for children of all ages. When electricity moves along these wires, it is called a current and you must have a complete path for that current to build a working circuit.
When you first open the Electro 7052 box, it has two neatly organized separate boxes.
The clear box contains the grid and grid connector pieces of the kit, and the blue box contains all of the wire connectors and building cubes.
In addition to the two organizational boxes of materials, the kit also includes paper punch-out pieces which will act as fan ‘blades’ in several experiments. Also included is a manual for the various experiments. It is full of diagrams, however, and not instructions. So you must be able to look at the diagram itself and be able to figure out which pieces go where.

It is mostly pretty simple, but it gets a little more difficult as you advance through the experiments. It might be difficult for children who are not detail oriented to figure out. Each illustration in the manual, however, does prompt questions relating to that specific experiment (such as- “When you turn the switch on, what happens?”)
Although my children are a little young, this kit was perfect for my oldest son with adult supervision! He absolutely loves any sort of electrical or building kits and spent the entire time helping daddy build different experiments. As you can see even our little one “tried to help”! When I first received the Electro 7052 in the mail it took me a second to figure out exactly what it was!
I thought that the experiment numbers in the manual would build up to make one big project, but it’s actually all separate experiments to build (both simple and advanced). The age range for this kit is for 8 years old & up is definetely a good one for this kit. I will add that this would also make a fantastic learning lesson for gifted children younger than 8 years old with adult supervision.
Here are the boys working on the “Ventilator” experiment.
The “Ventilator” Completed- When the switch is turned on the green & yellow “fan” runs.
My husband and our oldest son Dakoda spent a lot of time working on this Electro kit. Here they are building the “Light Tower”.
Here is a back view of the “Light Tower”. The yellow and green lights turn on when the switch is on.
And the front view of the “Light Tower”. The large green circle (made of cardboard from the pop-out sheet) runs when the switch is flipped on.
This experiment, the “Radar Station” seemed to be the hardest. The connector pieces were a bit loose so the circuit was a little touchy, but we were able to get it running. I think this one was my son’s favorite!
With adult supervision, it is very simple to direct a young child where to connect the pieces. This is a fantastic parent-child kit to work together!
My son was so intent on doing everything himself. It was great because we were able to physically show him exactly what would happen when he connected each piece, and why the experiment worked.
Here is a side view of the “Radar Station” being built.
Here we are attaching the cardboard “fan blade” onto the front.
Here is my husband & our son- proud of their Radar Station!
I showed you several of the more difficult experiments to build. There are some extremely simple ones as well with just a basic circuit and light bulb. As you progress through the experiments each one gets a little harder, and a little more complicated. You can really understand the step by step process of what happens to the electricity as you add more pieces.
Other experiments include a motor circuit with switch, circuits with two switches, circuits with two battery holders, and one of my favorite- a communication system. You can actually practice using Morse Code through the “Communication system” experiment! Not only can your child learn about electricity, but they can try their coordination with Morse Code and learn about other nonverbal methods of communication. (the instruction manual includes the key for Morse Code)
This Electro 7052 kit and many other fantastic experimental electrical, gear and solar kits, metal building kits, and brick & mortar building kits can be bought on Amazon, and also browsed through on Eitech’s main site.
This specific Electro 7052 set from Eitech will be debuting at the NSSEA (National School Supply Equipment & Association) Ed Expo 2011 in Texas, which is the largest gathering of its kind!

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