A Look at some Cool Boy Toys – Road Rippers to the Rescue!

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Road Rippers Toy Car

 Ever since my boys were introduced to Road Rippers a few years ago they have been absolutely obsessed. Anytime they see a Road Rippers toy in the store (or at our house) they have this strong NEED to push the buttons! As a mom Road Rippers has to be one of my favorite “cool car” brands because of the quality and the “wow” factor. They are LOUD, they are sleek, and they are VERY cool – the perfect combination for boys. If you are in need of a gift for a boy Road Rippers will not disappoint. They are great gifts for preschool age and up and have proven durable enough for my two boys. Anytime we have kids over the boys almost always find our Road Rippers and they all come out to play!

Road Rippers Toy Cars

I am a Toy State Test Drive Ambassador which means I get to feature their awesome products over the next year and my boys eyes just about popped out when they saw the box of toys we received in the mail! It was like a kid’s dream come true! I told them, however, that they will be sharing these with their friends so I asked each of them to pick their absolute favorite vehicle out of the box to keep. My four year old chose the Road Rippers Maximum Boost right away. I’m pretty sure he had a death-grip on the thing!

Road Rippers Toy Car

 This sweet machine runs on 3 AA batteries which are included in the car which is geared for ages 3+. You can see there are two slider buttons on top – one plays rockin’ music and flashes lights, the other forces the car to zoom off like a rocket and the car actually pops up a wheelie as it is in action. It definitely produces a pretty cool “wow” factor when the car pops up! And let me tell you this little thing is FAST and goes a long distance! In fact even though my boys use it inside they prefer to take it outside on our long driveway so it can go a long distance without bumping into anything! They LOVE lining their Road Rippers up side by side and seeing whose is fastest!

Road Rippers Toy Cars

The other Road Rippers we received is the Rock & Roller Hot Rod and honestly equally as awesome and my son frequently went over to this box on my shelf and drooled played with it until we were ready to take it out. I swear this thing was going to to rock right out of the box. When you press the buttons on the top this crazy thing rumbles like CRAZY and flashes lights and just rolls all over the place. The silver engine in the front (that is an engine right?) bounces up and down and shakes loosely like I’ve never seen before on a toy car. Between that and the eye-catching flames all over this hot rod it is a REALLY sweet vehicle. It also includes 3 AA batteries and is geared for kids ages 3+.

Road Rippers Toy Car Road Rippers Toy Car

 It’s a “bad to the bone” type of toy and really got my kids excited! The details on this Hot Rod are just really awesome.

Here’s a short video I put together so you can see these toys in action:


Pretty cool huh? You can see why my kids love them so much! In fact I tried to video it with the kids but they were in the way chasing the cars down the driveway so much that I had to wait till they were in school to get a clear video of these Road Rippers in action! I definitely recommend these for kids, especially boys! They make a sweet holiday or birthday gift and are sure to keep your kids busy for quite a while! You can find more styles and products from Toy State here!

Disclosure: This post was compensated as part of the Toy State Test Drive Ambassador Program. All opinions are my own.

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