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Donors Choose – Make a Difference Monday

I’ve teamed up with my good friend at Fun Finds for Families to bring you Make a Difference Monday, a weekly link-up featuring classroom projects at Donors Choose, in the hopes that together we can help some students out.

Sometimes these classes just need help with the basics. Sometimes they’re dreaming even bigger.

Each week we’ll feature a few current classroom projects on Donors Choose. Then we’ll offer the opportunity for you to share YOUR projects below so that everyone can see what your students are working on!

You don’t need to be a teacher to participate, either. Submit your own child’s classroom project or just one that inspires you.

And if you happen across one project that speaks to you more than others? Well, maybe we can get a project or two funded!

Here’s how Donors Choose works:

Public school teachers from every corner of America post classroom project requests on Donors Choose. Then you browse project requests and give any amount to the one that inspires you. Once a project reaches its funding goal, Donors Choose will deliver the materials to the school.

The Donors Choose projects

Encouraging the Reluctant Reader Through Art – Littcarr, KY

From the description: Encourage the reluctant readers! The books I’m reading to my students during read alouds seem as though they are not coming to life for some of my students! I serve twenty-two, first grade students who live in the heart of the mountains of Eastern Kentucky. They are bright, energetic, and extremely eager learners. They are at a very critical time in their life, the beginning stage of reading. Their focus should be on learning, rather than what they don’t have or what they need.

Academic Area Rug Needed – Philadelphia, PA

From the description: Reading is an adventure students can take right in the classroom. Having a comfortable area to explore books and take these adventures is essential for students. We are a school in Pennsylvania where the staff strives to establish a happy and nurturing environment that both promotes and cultivates a positive learning experience for our children. Students will be able to sit comfortably with one another during read alouds, being able to explore various types of books and stories. We will also have a place to complete whole group math activities in a cozy spot. This will be an excellent way to motivate students in the activity being explained since they will be so close to the action! They will also have a spot in the room where they know they can relax and enjoy a book, either reading independently or with another student. Encouraging students to read is an excellent way to improve their fluency!

Your Donors Choose Projects

And now it’s your turn to share! Share a link to the Donors Choose projects that interest and inspire you. Include the project request, state and grade level.

Example: Solar Project Set – FL – 2nd Grade


Share with your friends!

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