A Delicious Time at Dunkin Donuts #DDSparkle

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Hungry yet? Last week I had the opportunity to meet up with the marketing group from Dunkin Donuts and try out some of their delicious menu! (although the cake shown above is technically Baskin Robbins!) It was pretty cool because I also got to hang out with our city’s Chamber of Commerce folks who were very friendly as well! 

Traditionally when I think of Dunkin Donuts I think of course of coffee and donuts….but did you know they have MUCH more than that? They variety that you can find on their menus in my opinion rivals other quick food chains.

I learned quite a bit by hanging out at Dunkin Donuts for the #DDSparkle hour – did you know that they sell bakery fresh breakfast sandwiches AND lunch sandwiches? And the prices are VERY reasonable! The bread is made fresh every day in each Dunkin Donuts store and there are NO microwaves either. Everything is warmed up by ovens. The prices were extremely competitive with other “fast food” and MUCH cheaper than going to Panera or Corner Bakery and in my opinion much better tasting too! I wish I had taken pictures of them all but there was chicken salad sandwiches, tuna, turkey, some had delicious dijon mustard, some with chipotle….all very tasty!

I was specifically thinking of our upcoming road trip in a few months from Florida to Chicago. Driving about 24 hours through means a lot of eating on the road and I get sick of the greasy typical fast food which is easy to find off of the interstate. Now I will be mapping out which exits there are Dunkin Donuts on so get their fresh sandwiches! I might even save a few bucks too!

And check this out! This is an amazingly delicious coffee cake which you cannot buy yet at Dunkin Donuts but my specific store is trying it out. They were several different flavors including blueberry and chocolate chip (my fav!). YUM! In fact I got to bring some home and when I went to eat it later that day I realized my husband had already eaten it all!

And not only is there delicious food but they are soon launching new Fruit Juice Sparkler drinks and Sparkling Water drinks. They were light and fantastic not to mention MUCH healthier than choosing soda! Their new sparkler drinks are 100% natural and even have fresh fruit in them! (no junky syrup!) I *think* there are 2 flavors of the Fruit Juice Sparklers – Mixed Berry and Tropical Fruit. 

So next time you’re on the road and need/want to eat on the run, I HIGHLY suggest popping in at Dunkin Donuts. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. I had never thought to look there for a regular meal but I definitely will be from now on! Not only is it healthier than your typical “fast food” but I dare say many of the prices were cheaper!

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. I attended a marketing meeting where information was provided to me as well as a goody bag.

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