Disneynature Chimpanzee on Blu-Ray + DVD #MeetOscar

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If you haven’t seen Disneynature’s Chimpanzee about a little chimp named Oscar and the unlikely friendship that was formed when he lost his mom you are certainly missing out! I’ve seen this several times – in theater and on Blu-Ray and it is an AWESOME and highly educational film. I can’t believe how close they were able to get to the chimps and the images that they were able to shoot of the various life in the jungle. It all begins with a baby chimp named Oscar. You’ll learn and watch how the chimps battle with nearby chimps, forage for food, how they prepare their food, go “fishing” for ants, and many other neat things that you may not have seen. Throughout the movie you can see the time lapse of growth and movement in the jungle which is just absolutely incredible as it really brings the surroundings to life.

I HIGHLY recommend this to everyone – Disneynature did an outstanding job capturing amazing footage, clear imagery, telling the story throughout the movie – it was not just another boring documentary. It was an amazing story that you don’t hear about an orphaned chimp and the bond he made with an unlikely friend.

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Here is a short clip of a special seen in the movie:

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  1. I was amazed at how this movie was able to bring the whole package together. It has amazing visuals, is rather educational, and has a classic Disney story played out in real life with cute animals. I took my son and daughter to see it after a coworker at Dish had recommended it as being a kid friendly documentary. We enjoyed it so much that right after we saw it I added it to my Blockbuster @Home queue, and it showed up in the mail last Friday. We watched the movie and extras over the weekend, and the kids really had fun talking about the environment. It even sparked a trip to the library to learn more. I love being able to rent Blu-Ray’s to see if the kids will really watch them before I buy them. I think that this one is definitely a keeper, I hope we win!

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