Super Miracle Bubbles’ Glow Fusion Bubble Solution

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Here in Florida our weather is not only warm, it is starting to get HOT! And with that warm weather for our family it means LOTS of time outdoors! One of my kid’s favorite things to do outdoors is bubbles!! Check out these awesome Super Miracle Bubbles Glow Fusion Bubble Solution – it will change the way you play with bubbles! 
Inside the box is a bottle of Super Miracle Bubbles Premium Plus Solution, a bubble wand, and two Activator packs (A and B). To get started all you need to do is take your bottle of bubbles, and pour in both activator packs, then stir with your bubble wand. (don’t shake!) Voila – your bubble solution will glow a fluorescent orange color!! It was impossible for me to capture the coolness of the glow but you can see my solution below definitely looks “glowy”! 
To see the full effect you have to check out this promo video from Imperial Toy – it captures the glowing solution VERY well! And YES – it really does glow like the video shows you! In fact the glowing solution even lit up my backyard when the bubbles fell on the ground! It reminded me of a fluorescent laser tag or mini-golf place – it was really pretty awesome! 
SO one of my first thoughts was…hmmmm glowing bubble solution + little kids must mean danger. I mean, after all, it is GLOWING! But I was wrong! Check out the packaging – it is NON-TOXIC and non-flammable! It did not irritate any of our skin and was no different than any other bubble solution (aside from the cool glow of course!).


Of course I made a big mess as you can see below pouring my packets in! But you can see the bright orange color a bit better and it did not stain my porch at all. By the next morning I had forgotten all about the huge orange spot I had spilled because it wasn’t there any more!
This is SUPER awesome! Kids are always fascinated by things glowing and lighting up in the dark and this Glow Fusion Bubble Solution is no different! My kids beg to play with the glowing bubble solution as I’m sure you can imagine. Obviously this cannot glow indefinitely so I would liken it to that of a glow stick. You need to place the bubbles bottle somewhere very dark for the night and you should still have some glow left for the next night, but don’t expect it to be glowing 2 weeks later!
You can find Super Miracle Bubbles’ Glow Fusion Bubble Solution at Walmart, Toys R Us, Kohls, Meijer, Michaels, and Shopko! It is geared for ages 5+ and retails for $4.99 (although personally I’ve been seeing it lately for around $3).
Disclosure: I was not compensated for this review. I received bubbles to use in order to form my own opinions. All opinions are 100% my own.

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