#KmartHalloween – So Many Ghoulish Choices!

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Halloween is coming up and it is my favorite holiday to decorate for!! I don’t know why – but I just LOVE pulling down the Halloween decorations. The problem for us is, we hardly have any! One tiny little box with some inside decor and spider webs is just about all we have in the way of Halloween decorations. So I decided to check out Kmart’s Halloween selection. The first thing I noticed right away is that their costumes are 20% OFF, PLUS FREE Shipping!! That’s a great sale – but I didn’t need any costumes. I needed outside decorations!!

So I decided to check out their Halloween Decor, which was actually really easy to find because next to the costumes area it specifically says
 “Scare Up Some Fun With Our Halloween Decorations”.
You can’t miss it!
For our family, we have two small boys, so I want my decor family friendly! I don’t mind a skeleton here and there but I don’t want anything bloody and gorey! I smiled when I saw these pumpkin decorating kits – my kids LOVE these! AND I love them too because I don’t have to bring out the carving knife with the kids around – they can do their own decorating!!

There was also cute Disney Halloween decorations, Peanuts decorations, and several other liscenced characters. I was looking for something a little more Halloween scary – not quite so cute!

EEK! They certainly had quite a few ghoulish Halloween skeletons and such to choose from – but that was just too scary for my little kids! So I decided that it would be fun to have a fog machine!! Does anyone have one of these? I’ve always wanted one, and we have a HUGE Gardenia bush right in front of our porch entrance that we could hide one in!!

I was surprised to see so many choice for fog machines! To be honest I know nothing about them so it was a little hard to choose. I chose the smallest one there to buy, partly because of the price and partly because of the good review.

Next I decided to get something simple to decorate with – INFLATABLES!! My kids just LOVE inflatables, and we can’t pass by houses during the holidays without my son asking for every specific inflatable he sees in everyone’s yard!! These were my two favorite inflatables. I went to buy the black cat, but he wasn’t available!! 🙁 And the only store that had him available was too far for me to go, so we decided to buy the spooky tree instead! It’s REALLY tall!! Almost 7 feet tall!

 Now in the past we have purchased our Halloween items after the holidays, but the last two years our stores either don’t even have anything the next day or it is an extremely poor selection- which is why we have decided to buy our decorations now instead!! We’ve been married for 7 years and only have a little bit of spider web for our porch, so I think it’s about time!! What really caught my eye? This cool spooky tree stump below – but it was out of our price range unfortunately!!
So we settled on a fog machine with extra fog liquid, a spooky tree inflatable, and we also bought a pumpkin carving kit which is a yearly tradition for us. Before kids my husband and I used to spend 6+ hours carving out our pumpkin designs. Since we had kids there’s no way we could spend quite that much time on our pumpkins, but we do still decorate them and carve them mostly while the kids are in bed! The pumpkin carving kits are my favorite!! Last year I actually just painted our pumpkin! (You can see my pumpkins below)

Kmart offered FREE shipping if we picked our order up in the store so I chose that option! Check out what my screen said:
Later today?! WOW that’s quick!! I won’t even make it there today!! (I added the smiley face!) So go ahead, check out Kmart’s Halloween selection online! Whether you’re looking for something cutesy, kid-friendly, or spooky and ghoulish you’ve got quite a few options to choose from!!
You can check out my Intersect slide show here!

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