Throw a FREE Party for the Kids- JUST BECAUSE!

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How to Throw a Party JUST BECAUSE!

Why do you need a birthday to throw a party? If your kids are anything like mine- they get the greatest joy out of the simplest things!
We threw a “Monster Party” for my son and his cousin when she came in to visit (everything was green). It was SO simple. I spent NO MONEY on it!! It lasted about 1 hour and the kids had a blast! They talked about it for months!
 Here’s what I did:
The kids wore green “monster” shirts. I made applesauce & dyed it green. I served them milk- dyed green. I served them green grapes & green apples. We had green pudding & jello. We made shaved ice and dyed it green. EVERYTHING I served for lunch was green (except the PB&J). I served everything on green plates with green cups.
I printed cute monster pictures off the internet and colored them- then taped them all over the dining room. I let the kids color their own monster pictures.

Because they were little kids (2 & 4yrs old) I let the 2 of them take a bath together- and dyed their bath water green!! (no- it does not stain them!! Just add a few drops of food coloring to the bath and voila- a monster bath!) Looks like a swamp to me!
I simply walked through my house while the kids were napping and grabbed everything possible that I could find that was green or that I could turn into a monster-related thing! It was SO much fun and the kids had a blast! I even grabbed a little candy and a few stickers I had laying around and made them treat bags too!
Another day we had a Grandparents party! My in-laws were coming in at night, so for lunch we had a “Grandparents party”. ALL we did was put on a party hat- that’s it! They had a blast and felt SO excited because we were having a “party”! Of course something this simple only works for little ones- but the monster party was a huge hit even for older ones!


Here are a few themes for a “just because” party:
  • Shapes
  • Bugs
  • Princess
  • Monsters
  • Pirates
  • Letters
  • Numbers
  • Transportation (Cars, Trucks, Planes, etc)

Get creative & enjoy!!!

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