Submarine Art from "I Can Teach My Child"!

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If you have followed my blog at all you know that I think very highly of I Can Teach My Child’s blog! She has the most creative and greatest selection of educational lesson plans, ideas, and crafts for kids! Please visit her blog and look around- if you are a teacher or you have kids, I guarantee you will find it of interest and perhaps decide to use some of her ideas with your own kids!! Here is a post I’ve borrowed from her that she made about Submarine Art!


1.  Here’s what you’ll need (not pictured):  construction paper in various colors, markers, water, a shallow tray, clear plastic wrap, and a stapler.


2.  Let your child color with a blue marker all over a white piece of paper.  While your child is coloring, cut  out submarine windows on a black piece of construction paper and various sea animals/plants of different colors.
I’ve warned you before…I am SO NOT artistic!!!

3.  Lay the paper in a shallow tray and gently spray with water.  Drain the water and let it dry.

4.  You may be saying to yourself, “That looks just like blue paper…couldn’t I just do that and save a step?”  Why, yes! I most definitely agree with you.  This “project” didn’t go as I had planned.  Oh well–lesson learned!

5.  Have your child glue on the sea animals/plants.

6.  Cover the ocean scene with clear plastic wrap (to look like glass) and tape the backside.

7.  Staple the left side only of the black paper onto the ocean scene (that way your child can still open it up).

8.  Name the submarine and add this poem at the bottom (if you choose):  This is the view that I see, While riding on a SUBMARINE.

Have you ever been on a submarine?  The closest thing I’ve ever been on is a glass-bottom boat!  I think I would be too claustrophobic!!

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