Make Your Own Unusual Inventions

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Kids, as well as adults love to dream up crazy inventions. But every once in a while, that crazy thought of an invention becomes something very important like a light bulb, or a refrigerator! Inventions are a fabulous thing for kids to make- because they have to dig down into their creative side and make up something that no one else has made before! Not only does it help with imagination and creativity, but it  is a fun hands-on project for kids! Why not suggest they invent a “toy picker-upper”, or maybe a “boat that flies”- the sky is the limit!

Bring out some old aluminum foil pans, toilet paper holders, pencils, tape, boxes, colanders, sponges, rubber bands, newspaper, old jewelry, hangers, film canisters, anything you could possibly imagine for the kids to build their own inventions! The one below is an invention to keep things invisible!

The originality of their invention will depend on the child’s age. The older they are the more interesting their creations will become. My son is 3 years old, so his invention changed every few minutes! Here are a few of the creations that our household saw today:

We weren’t really sure what this was, but it was a hanger taped into an aluminum pan, with a coin wrapper on top, and hanging onto the top was contraption with a set of wheels, a straw, a band-aid, a ponytail holder, and some paperclips!

Our contraption then turned into some sort of drinking straw….

and for just a few moments it was a telescope….

and when we were finally about done my son settled on a special rattling straw so you can have fun and drink at the same time!

Here are a few interesting inventions that others have made:

Metal Detecting Sandals

LED Umbrella

Flying Alarm Clock
Laser Guided Scissors (these actually look really useful!)
 Pizza Cutter/Slicer/Server

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