KaBAM! Word Game Review

KaBAM!, a quick thinking word-building game from Educational Insights, is a fun way for a kids to strengthen their language building and have fun at the same time! It’s simple to play! Simply pull the cards of the tin holder, and split the deck into two piles. Two players, or teams, then flip a card over face up at the same time so that the cards are side by side. Each card features different parts of a word (suffixes, prefixes, vowels, consonants, diphthongs). The first player to build a word by using the letters on the cards wins! Geared for ages 7 and up this is a fun game to play in groups in the classroom, or as a family at home!

Above you see that I’ve split the deck into two piles. Below you see an example of what it would look like if two players each flipped one card over. The first picture on the left shows the letter “GR”, and “DE”. In order for a player to win they would need to come up with one word that uses all of those letter. (for example, GRADE or GREED). The same with the next set shown on the right. There is an “E” and an “L”- there are tons of combinations you can use for this set….”CAMEL”….”LEAD”…”EEL”….

But there is a twist (isn’t there always?)! If a player turns over a “KaBAM!” card, each player must last an additional card down for a total of 4 cards. The first person to come up with a word using all 3 letter cards wins the round.

My husband is a second grade teacher and he was specifically interested in this game as our boys are still too young. We love this educational game because it teaches prefixes, suffixes, and other parts of a word. It really helps to reinforce cognitive thinking and encourages kids to really rattle their brain to think of the correct answer. Another really great thing about KaBAM! is that kids don’t have to know how to spell correctly in order to be able to play. Children that are weak spellers, although they have to form a word, do not have to spell the entire word in order to participate.

If you are planning on using this in a classroom setting I suggest buying several decks of KaBAM! It retails for $12.99. This is a fantastic tool for helping children strengthen their spelling and word-forming ability. We recommend this game to everyone who is up for the challenge of being the quickest word-builder. 

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