Breakfast with Cepia LLC & The Bridge Direct + LIVE Vocal from Savannah Outen – Toy Fair

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When I was invited to breakfast with Cepia LLC I was thrilled because my kids love their Zhu Zhu Pets and Xia Xia hermit crabs! Once I got over my excitement of joining Cepia LLC for breakfast I also noticed that the Bridge Direct company was there as well! Yes, I was astonished to walk by and see some of the Bridge Direct brands like the Annoying Orange. I almost groaned because, well, he’s annoying!! My son LOVES watching it – just head to YouTube and type in “Annoying Orange” – you’ll see what I mean!



BUT we had a fantastic time, got to check out some new and upcoming products that I’ll give a sneak peek on some of them, and also heard LIVE Savannah Outen – an upcoming star who sang “No Place Like Here” the theme song on the new Zhu-niverse movie.



These are SO cute! The Bridge Direct has these little cuties and they are “Blingoo” a branch off of the “Inkoos” line which are stuffed creatures you can decorate, then wash and redecorate! The Blingoo line, however, will also feature glittered and “bling” to decorate the dolls with! I think these will be out by summer.



And you may have seen these Shoulder Buddies (also the Bridge Direct) online last year which were pretty popular around the back to school season! They are launching a new set with jewels on their tummies. They are magnetic creatures that sit on your shoulders!



There is a new upcoming brand name from the Bridge Direct that are cute girl’s mermaid with oyster shells. I *think* it’s called Waverly and the Magic Seashells but don’t hold me to it just yet! Each set has a new collectible pearl which contains a unique message. Once I get more info on this I’ll pass it along but the price was pretty good and cute for girls!


And yes, the Annoying Orange has an entire product line coming out now – scary huh? I’m sort of hoping my son does not see it in the stores because I know he will ask for it!! 🙂 
I saw a few products that will launch this year that I am sworn to secrecy on but I can hardly wait to share them with you! They are absolutely awesome!!Also a real treat while we were eating breakfast was a live performance by Savannah Outen who sang the theme song for the Zhu-niverse movie (No Place Like Here). Here is a clip of a video I took of her singing – sorry about the background noise – Toy Fair is loud! Can you believe she is only 19 years old?

Below are a few exciting products from Cepia LLC!


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