Anyone Familiar with Pencil Grips?

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Anyone familiar with pencil grips? Or want to learn more about them? I just received a large amount of different types of pencil grips in the mail from The Pencil Grip, Inc.. My husband is an elementary school teacher and no one in their school has ever used pencil grips before, but were in need of some for some special needs children in their school. They really didn’t even know anything about them! I contacted The Pencil Grip, Inc. and they were more than willing to work with me for a review! I just got my box in today so I won’t post the review for a while till we can try these grips out and spread them throughout his school a bit, but I wanted to see if anyone else out there uses any type of pencil grips or were wanting to learn more about them!

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  1. Whoops! Hit "Post" before I finished typing…
    I have a student who had little to no fine motor skills when she started the school year. She couldn't use scissors and had tremendous trouble holding a pencil. I bought her the kind you have at the top of your picture. Once she learned how to keep her ring finger and pinkie out of the way it was the best choice for her so each finger had a place. We 'graduated' to a silly pencil grip before Christmas break :

  2. Before staying home with my boys, I was a 2nd grade teacher. I often used the kind you have in the top of your picture. They were wonderful! Thanks for the reminder, I may have to find some again to help my 4 year old.

  3. I have been using the ones at the top of your picture for years. They really are helpful.

  4. Laurie Floyd says:

    I work at a private, Christian school and the K-5 students use the pencil grip that is at the top of your picture. I teach first grade and when they get to me I start them out using a triangular shaped pencil so that they know where to put their fingers but are actually touching the pencil itself. When they are doing well, I graduate them to a regular pencil….that is their incentive because they want to use the regular pencil and I buy them special ones for each holiday!

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