An Up-Close Introduction to Peach the Pig! (+ the Cost of a Pig)

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Saving money, raising kids and stretching your budget is serious stuff. So enjoy this little video I took of my son with his new pig Peach! In case you’ve missed the news about our little piglet on Facebook we got her for my oldest son Dakoda who will be 5 years old in a few weeks. He has Asperger’s syndrome & Sensory Processing Disorder. Most children with these issues respond extremely favorably to animals, particularly dogs. My husband very much dislikes dogs and after a few years of talking about we settled on a pig! She won’t get over 20 pounds which makes her a great size for in the house. She’s already litter-boxed trained too! My son has barely set her down since she arrive here 2 days ago and she is the perfect addition to our family!

Just a little side note on the cost of a pig. As you know we are on a tight budget as are many of you! The initial cost of the pig is the biggest expense and can be anywhere from free to over a thousand dollars! Crazy huh? There is a special story behind how we bought Peach but we paid $200 for her (double what I had set aside!) – but she is worth over $1000 and these little pigs that stay very small cost a crazy amount of money! Since we are keeping her inside we did buy her a litter box with litter which total cost under $20. And 25 pounds of pig feed cost under $13. So our entire “start up cost” was about $233. A LOT more than I was initially planning on paying but not bad for a pet who lives about 15 years! She eats about a tablespoon twice a day so the feed will last a LONG time. She is definitely worth the price we paid and unless she gets sick the upkeep cost is extremely minimal. Although pigs will literally eat themselves to death if allowed they actually don’t need much food at all!

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