Our BEST Vacation EVER!

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Our Best Vacation EVER! (our Honeymoon!)
I’ve had a crazy weekend with my husband’s family in, and I’m getting ready to leave early Thursday morning for the Box Tops University- so I thought it would be fun to share about some of the awesome experiences we did on our honeymoon! Looking at pictures again made me a bit nostalgic…. The first week we spent in Florida visiting St. Augustine, we took a ghost tours and an old fort tour, going to the zoo, the beach, and we also went to the Titanic exhibit. The second week we took a cruise to the Cayman Islands, Belize, and Mexico.
Above is a picture from the Cayman Islands sea turtle farm- it was incredible. I had never been to a turtle farm before, and never seen SO many masses of turtles in one place! They had wells and wells packed full of turtles. It was actually sort of sad because I don’t even know how they all moved in there- but it was incredible! They also had an area where you could pick up the smaller sea turtles which was a neat experience for us.
The Cayman Islands was definitely our favorite place to visit on our honeymoon. In addition to the Sea Turtle Farm we also visited the city of Hell, and we took a boat a few miles off shore and were able to swim with the stingrays you see above! It was incredible- look how huge they are! That is definitely an experience I may never get again! We were even able to feed them while they were swimming around us!
In Belize we were able to go to the Belize Zoo and in Mexico we visited some ancient ruins. Oddly enough while we were at the ancient ruins we met a couple that we knew in college who had also just gotten married and were on our cruise ship! Small world!
I am very glad that we spent the money we did on our honeymoon, because we certainly cannot afford a trip like that now!! My suggestion if you are not married yet- if you do get married splurge on your honeymoon!! You won’t regret it!
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