Activities for the Classroom from NASA’s Space Place

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NASA’s Space Place is a pretty awesome page FULL of information, ideas, games, and printables for everyone. They have a specific section for classroom activities too! The activities are geared for 4th – 12th graders. They are all FREE PDF files to open. Here are a few of the ones I found below:
Making a Pinhole Camera
Getting the Goods on Ozone
Designing for the Barely Imaginable
Strong Structures from Flimsy Materials
Dampen that Drift
Team Up on the Weather
Listening for Rings from Space
Sizing up the Clouds
Solving the Mystery of Gases
Telescope as Time Machine
Pixel This
System Engineering a Robot
Chasing Down a Satellite
Tracing how Technologies Evolve
Taking Apart the Light
Be a Cosmic Poet
Design and Build Your own Spacecraft
Be Glad You’re Not a Cyclops
Getting a Feel for Gravity
You’ve got Algo-rhythmn!

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