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I need some feedback from my fabulous readers!! I’d like to put up a few posts, ideas, and reviews/giveaways for specific needs that children might need to overcome whether at home, in the classroom, or at play! By special needs I don’t necessarily¬†mean a physical handicap, although it could be. I’m thinking of any sort of obstacle a child might need to overcome, or need a little extra help in working on it. Here are a few ideas I thought of- send me your ideas please!!

  • Left Handed Children
  • Gifted Children
  • Asperger’s Children
  • Sensory Disorders
  • As you list them I’ll add them!!

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  1. thriftymomma says:

    Oh, also I want to say um I have a child with SPD and welcome any info or reviews giveaways of stuff pertaining to those resources. And also gifted children etc… Thanks to you and I will be back.

  2. The Teacher's Wife says:

    Thank yo ufor all of the wonderful comments! These topics interest me greatly as I have a highly gifted son and have learned that although simply 'gifted' he has traits of many different fields which overlap!! I am no expert, but I would like to raise awareness of kids that might be seen as "different"!

  3. I have a developmentally delayed son and I would love to see giveaways for special needs strollers, pull-ups, trikes, etc.

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