Rattlesnake Festival in Florida

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If you live in Florida you know that something unique to see or do is not far away! I found the annual Rattlesnake Festival, hosted in San Antonio, Florida. The great thing is that it is completely FREE! And parking is free too!
There are educational wildlife exhibits, a snake and reptile show (minimal cost), a race, a pageant, a gopher race, children’s rides and games, classic cars (on Sunday), arts and crafts, and more! It certainly looks like something interesting to check out if you live in Florida! I know several other states do Rattlesnake Festivals as well so check your areas!

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  1. Alicia C. says:

    I'm SO GLAD I'm in Michigan and not Florida right now. While we do have rattlesnakes in the area, we do NOT have *festivals* for them! I can just see us going to one now – my oldest jumping and yelling, "Snake!" every 2 minutes and my husband tickling my neck with a long piece of grass very 5 minutes. I'd end up going home with the heebie-jeebies and having snaky nightmares all night. (Of all of the things I'm not afraid of, snakes aren't one of them! Those things can climb trees, you know!

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