Making Asteroids You Can Eat Out of Potatoes

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You can make edible asteroids out of mashed potatoes!! This is a fun hands-on activity for a space lesson that I found at NASA’s Space Place!

You’ll need:

Potatoes (enough for 4-8 cups mashed)
1 c. Cheese (any kind)
1/4 c. butter


1. Turn oven on to 375*. Make sure to grease a cookie sheet well.
2. Mash your potatoes (4-8 cups worth).
3. Add in any cheese, salt, or pepper you want as well as the butter.
4. Take a handful of the potato mix and form your asteroid! Poke hole, make dents with your fingers, and any other odd shape that you like!
5. Bake for 20-25 minutes in the oven then let cool!

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