Fun & Frugal Things to Do with PVC Pipes

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Bring a little physics into it. Buy several different PVC pipes, all the same exact length, and prop them up so that they are all at different angles. Then place a marble in one end of each PVC pipe (you may need some extra helping hands) and hypothesize which marble will come out first and why.

Grow your own hydroponics farm!  I have seen some amazing hydroponics farm setups using PVC pipe and this would be an incredibly inexpensive way to teach your kids and students about growing plants in water!

Make your own homemade pipe organ. Ok – so it’s definitely a lot less complicated than a real pipe organ but you take a piece of PVC pipe, shaped in the form of a “j” and use a ping pong paddle to smack at the opening of the PVC and listen to the tone that travels through the pipes. Make sure to note the different in the longer pipes versus the shorter pipes.

Make your own musical BOOM sticks.  Use the absolute thinnest gauge PVC available to get the widest variety of tones. Any music teacher will tell you that BOOM sticks are outrageously expensive but loads of fun when teaching kids rhtymns!

Build your own marshmallow gun!  This is one absolutely bawl of fun way that we’ve used PVC. Not only it is cheaper than purchasing a ready made toy but it’s a fantastic hands-on project that you can get your kids involved in. It doesn’t break easily and it provides hours of fun. Similarly you can also use PVC to make a potato launcher.

Make your own sports equipment. This is by far the most frugal tip here – you can easily make your own sports equipment, such as hockey goals, soccer goals, etc. with a large net and several pieces of fitted PVC pipe.

Make your own whisper phones. – Whisper phones are a fantastic tool to use in a classroom but they can be quite expensive! You can easily make your own Whisper Phones out of PVC for a fraction of the cost.

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