White Elephant Gift Ideas UNDER $15 that You’ll WANT to KEEP!

Here are some awesome but cheap White Elephant gift ideas that will get stolen time and time again! This year White Elephant gift exchanges and Christmas parties but look a little different, but there’s definitely ways to get creative! Below are some awesome ideas that everyone will love!White Elephant Gift Ideas that You'll WANT to KEEP!I absolutely LOVE White Elephant Holiday gifts – you NEVER know what you’re going to open! I have seen some pretty hilarious things opened but the favorites are always (well, usually!) some pretty awesome! Here is an awesome list of white elephant party gift ideas under $15 that you’ll actually want to keep! (Or perhaps these are some White Elephant Gift Ideas that I would want to keep!)

And hey – if they aren’t your thing, these all definitely make great White Elephant gifts and gifts you can re-gift to a better recipient!

snowman bath gift

These snowman bath bombs are absolutely adorable and festive for your White Elephant party!

White Elephant Gift Ideas that You'll WANT to KEEP!Truffles & chocolate gift sets are always an HUGE hit and a sure steal! These will definitely make the rounds at your white elephant party!

White Elephant Gift Ideas that You'll WANT to KEEP!Himalayan Salt Candle Holders are simply gorgeous and I would fight for these every time!

White Elephant Gift Ideas that You'll WANT to KEEP!

Pinatas! You don’t have to be a kid to LOVE Pinatas! Can’t find a large one under your $15 limit with candy – grab these adorable MINI pinatas and stuff it with a few treats!

tea on a stick

I am a huge fan of tea gift sets and coffee gift sets. You can find a zillion ideas on Etsy for gourmet tea and coffee gift sets. From this coffee lantern, coffee lip balm, and this handmade wooden coffee clip to blooming flower tea, women in history tea, and even tea on a stick – there are all sorts of amazing beverage gifts under $15 for your budget!


White Elephant Gift Ideas that You'll WANT to KEEP!I’ve seen those camera lens mugs but this stainless steel coffee tumbler camera lens is awesome! Whether you’re a photographer or not this unique mug is a fun find! And you can snag it under $10 when it’s on sale!

White Elephant Gift Ideas that You'll WANT to KEEP!Remote Control Helicopters & toys – these run on sale under $15 frequently and I’d swap any day for one of these for my kid! You can never have too many RC toys!

White Elephant Gift Ideas that You'll WANT to KEEP!Both this Ossuary Skeleton Skull Armor Goblet and this Tribal Skull Coffee Mug are pretty sweet looking! They might not be for everyone but someone will “die” over it! Etsy also has some amazing unique skull drinkware.


White Elephant Gift Ideas that You'll WANT to KEEP!

These adorable furries with books are a HUGE hit with my kids and they are SO cute! They have all sorts of types like Hug a Sloth, Yeti Rescue Kit, Owl Rescue Kit, Dragon Rescue Kit, and Unicorn Rescue Kit. These are a safe cutesy gift that can easily be re-gifted to just about any kid!

White Elephant Gift Ideas that You'll WANT to KEEP!Blankets! Blankets are always in style and always needed! And this blanket scarf is so stylish it will get stolen! Pick out a cute pattern and it will be stolen throughout the night! At the very least it is practical and cozy! Win win!

White Elephant Gift Idea Human Organ Transplant Lunch

Have a scientist in the house? They will LOVE this Medical Organ Transplant Lunch bag! It’s a cool “talking piece” for the party too!

Melting Clock

This Melting Clock has totally captured my heart and I want to put a shelf in place just to get this!



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