What’s It? Cooperative Family Game by Peaceable Kingdom

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Peaceable Kingdom has several great new cooperative games out and we recently received their What’s It? game to review. We loved some of their other games such as Count Your Chickens and Stone Soup. So I couldn’t wait to check out this one for families!

A cooperative game is a game where ALL players play TOGETHER to meet a common goal, or in this case- win the game! Instead of the traditional games where you play individually to win, everyone has to play together to win- you either ALL win or you ALL lose!

Cooperative Game

In What’s It? your family is playing against the “Doodler” and you work as a team to get more points than the “doodler”. The game set includes everything you need including the score card, writing boards, sand timer and dry erase markers as well as the doodle cards and dice.

Cooperative Game

To start the game everyone gets a dry erase board and marker. The doodle card pile should be face down. Once everyone is ready to go you flip one doodle card over and roll the dice. Everyone has to write down at least three things that the doodle card looks like based on the dice. You might find things like “You Don’t Want It” or “You Wear It”. If you write less than three items down the “Doodler” wins more points. The family earns more points the more that your answers match each other.

Cooperative Game

It says for ages 8+ but we were able to play it with our 6 year old since he can write.  It’s really a fun game and I love that everyone’s imagination can be sparked. It certainly provided us with a lot of laughter and just good quality family time working together. I also love that you don’t have to draw anything since the cards are “pre-doodled” for you!!

That’s definitely a nice perk for those that can’t draw as well and especially great for getting the kids involved! We have had a lot of fun playing it and I love to see the fun answers that the rest of the family comes up with.  Make sure to check out all of Peaceable Kingdom’s Cooperative Games as many of them work great for classroom use too!

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. I received the above game to use in order to form my opinions. All opinions are my own.

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