Welcome to Surviving a Teachers Salary!

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Welcome to Surviving a Teacher’s Salary! My name is Crystal – AKA- The Teachers Wife. My husband is an elementary teacher at a Title 1 School in a very poor school district (in fact we were just pronounced the 3rd poorest district in the USA!) – thus the reason I have started this blog! This site loves to give back a small amount of appreciation to our hard working teachers.
 I know some teachers have an easy job and make 6 figures, but I think for the majority of teachers this is certainly not the case! I know many teachers spend hundreds of dollars out of pocket on school supplies for their students/classrooms. We live on my hubby’s income (and I watch a child in my home as well)- so we have become very creative in learning how to stretch our dollar! With two small boys at home this isn’t always easy! Especially when my husband needs to provide his own paper, printer ink, & students supplies in his classroom!
This site is open for everyone to enjoy! It comes with an educational emphasis. All posts will be money saving ideas/deals, educational product review/giveaways/sales, teacher-oriented pages, informational posts, and whatever else comes across my path that seems appropriate for this blog.

Browse around, send me a message ([email protected]), just enjoy browsing through some new material and ideas, and learn how to survive on a teachers salary!

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    What a beautiful family! Thanks for hosting the week of giveaways! 🙂

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