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…………..things just get busy. B.U.S.Y.! I bet you’re in the same boat! Now that we’ve just moved a few months ago to a new area and don’t really live incredibly close to any family I suspect most of holidays will be a little more relaxed, but the holiday frenzy is on! Next Wednesday I am really excited because I will be attending a special workshop at Farmtek on how to build a hydroponics garden! It’s a REALLY fantastic deal actually. The workshop costs $100 (and includes lunch) and upon completion they give you $150 to spend on hydroponics equipment at their company! It’s pretty much like getting paid to go! I have been doing a lot of research on hydroponics and writing grants for my husband’s school to help our school start up our own program so I am REALLY eager to go to this workshop! It’s a full day event and it’s 3 hours away so I will be offline the whole day! Then next Friday (in just 1 week!!) I’ll be picking my sister up from the airport and she’ll be driving with me & the boys out to her house in Colorado. I am SO excited that we live closer (ok, so it’s still 12 hours away) to my sister. Normally we got to see each other maybe once every 4 years-ish but now we’ll get to be together every year! We will spend the whole week of Thanksgiving there and on the way home we’ll be stopping in Des Moines for 100 Years of Disney (on Ice!). That’s a lot packed into 2 weeks! I’ll of course be blogging on the road so you won’t miss out on all those great money-saving deals!

The Thanksgiving week is always one I look forward to because on Thanksgiving Day I shut technology off! For me I turn off my phone, my computer, and any other electrical device I can imagine! It’s nice and quiet! But then early on Black Friday morning I grab my computer and head to a coffee house and spy on all the good deals online!

I’d LOVE to know what’s on all of your Christmas lists this year! I’m watching the deals and scanning the Black Friday ads. My boys want walky talkies so I am looking for a good deal on those (let me know if you see one!). On Black Friday morning, just like I did last year, I will be reaching to the furthest places of the web to pull together the hottest deals. They go QUICK! I mean QUICK! Sometimes I refresh the page and they are gone. But if you want to join in the frenzy & save a lot of $$ join me on our Facebook page Black Friday morning about 6am-11amish for the most up to date sales online. Because Facebook has changed so many things please don’t rely on your wall feed to see my posts! You’ll actually need to go directly to my Fan Page and refresh it there. Last year we averaged about a new deal every 15 minutes or less so there is a LOT of activity that morning!

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