Where to Buy Cheap Play Sand: Best Price on Play Sand

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bag of play sand
Here’s a tip that my husband shared with me!! I used to buy cheap play sand for the kids at Toys R Us for about $7-8 for 50 pounds (OK, this was back when Toys R Us was a thing!) I thought that was great! Turns out (thanks to my husband for letting me in on this secret!) that Lowe’s and Home Depot have it MUCH cheaper!! We bought 50 pounds for about $3!! That’s a HUGE price difference if you need a few bags!!
*Make sure your play sand does NOT have microcrystalline silica in it which a lot of play sand contains. It can be inhaled as a dust while your children are playing and irritate their respiratory system, especially if they have asthma. I prefer to buy pre-washed sand which helps to flush out any dust particles.

Other Play Sand Alternatives:

*water beads
*pea gravel
*fish tank rocks
*rice, beans, etc. (CAN NOT GET WET!)

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  1. Sippy Cup Mom says:

    Whoa! Super cheap! Thanks for the heads up, I usually buy from TRU!

  2. The Teachers Wife says:

    I was too until my husband asked why I was wasting so much money! LOL 🙂

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