Think Geek Snap Circuits Electric Kit Review

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Have you read my Think Geek Review #1: Lite Brite Cube? If not read that one too!

What is ThinkGeek? is an incredible website that has gifts for really just about everyone! They sell all sorts of computer geeky products, office oddities & neat toys, apparel, brainy products, and more! This is an awesome place to buy a gift for that person who “has everything”! How about a Star Trek pizza cutter, a Biohazard baby onesie, brain soap, a talking first aid kit, a Yoda backpack, Edible Yummy Dough, or a robot building kit? You can definetely find all sorts of awesome things here to give your co-worker for Christmas!

ThinkGeek launched on Friday the 13th, 1999… and you can even request the ThinkGeek catalog which is available by mail or as a PDF file! Think Geek- it’s “stuff for smart masses”!

I have had an extremely positive experience with I received my products from them within one week of placing my order! It was quick shipping, they were so nice and helpful! It is a fabulous website and everything is very easy to browse through and read about.

I received 3 different products from ThinkGeek and in an effort to not make this a HUGE post I will be separating my review out into 3 posts- one for each product I received! They have also VERY generously offered a $50 gift certificate to one of my readers!! So once my 3 reviews have been posted I will be putting up a giveaway- make sure you go check out ThinkGeek after you read this review and browse their awesome products!!

The second product I received was a Snap Circuits Jr. kit! It has over 100 projects in it! We were especially excited about this one as we have been eyeing this product for a while. It says ages 8 & up, but with adult supervision this is so simple to understand that a much younger child would also enjoy it!

When you open the box it is very neatly arranged. All objects have a specific place laid out in a little tray.
It comes with a huge amazingly simple-to-understand Project Manual.
I LOVE how all the pieces have an organized place to be!
This project below sang “Happy Birthday” when you clapped or made loud noises near the sensor!
Here are a few other simple projects that we started with:
Build your own Light Switch!
Build your own Fan Switch!
We LOVED this kit! My son wanted to do all of the projects right away- he spent over an hour working on this- first with daddy, and then by himself! He was SO proud of himself that he could build flashing lights and noisemakers by himself. I HIGHLY recommend this product for any child (or adult!) who likes building things and experimenting. It was great- even for little boys who don’t like to sit in one spot long!

 I love that it is so simple and the projects are easily built- it leads to a feeling of self-accomplishment for kids. My son could easily build a working project by himself, and then was proud of himself for doing so. For an older child you can easily teach them more about electricity and conductivity while allowing them to build their projects.

This is great for developing fine motor skills, understanding cause and effect, and understanding simple concepts of electricty.

This would make a great addition to a teachers classroom for an activity center, free time or even to integrate into a teaching lesson- so consider purchasing one of these for your teacher this year! The kids will LOVE you for it!

I will have a link to ThinkGeek on my right side bar through the end of the year so make sure you visit their site for the holidays!!

Disclosure: I received no compensation for this review. I did receive a free product for this review. All opinions are 100% mine. Your experience may vary.

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  1. Hello! Stopping by from Wobble Over Wednesday and am now a new follower. This looks like something my two boys would enjoy.

  2. Oh LOL…I would be afraid to give this to my son!!! He would be ALL OVER IT…and asking me for help too!!! Great Review

  3. Mom vs. the boys says:

    what a great boy toy! always on the lookout since I have 3 boys!

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