Trans-Siberian Orchestra – A Way to LOVE Classical Music!

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Did I REALLY just say LOVE classical music? I sure did! Ok- so I’ve got the edge on a lot of you musically- I’ve played the piano for 23 years, trained in classical and sacred music. I’ve had some world-renowned experiences with teachers and accompanying for star-opera singers- yes me! I’ve been a stay at home mom for a few years and it’s very easy to forget what I’ve done! So anyways, there are a lot of things that I feel Americans are losing in our culture, and one of them is an appreciation for fine arts. I’m not just talking opera, but classical music, orchestras, quartets, brass, all sorts of areas from the arts- even Broadways!
Kids today are so filled with video games, hip-hop, TV, and many other things that pushes the fine arts culture out of the picture. One of my absolute favorite orchestras is the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Haven’t heard of it? You need to hear them- keep reading! The Trans-Siberian Orchestra started in 1993 and was formed in order to sort of bridge all types of music. It is considered “progressive rock”, but is a blend of opera, classical, rock, and other types of music all put together. We own several of their CD’s and I would absolutely LOVE to go to one of their concerts! They will actually be in our area next weekend but we just can’t afford it.
This is just the music video- you need to listen to at least the first 60 seconds of it- it is incredibly amazing! It is Carol of the Bells- a familiar Christmas song composed and performed in an incredible journey through an old tune! This is one of my favorite songs from them.
Pretty awesome huh?! It’s easy to make a Christmas song sound great right? What about classical music? This is the best video I could find on YouTube- the first 3 minutes is Beethoven’s 5th Symphony- almost everyone has heard this- it’s his most famous symphony. Check out the fire and laser lights- you cannot tell me that your students would not love to be at this concert! (the last half of the video is the same Carol of the Bells you heard above)
Their concerts from what I have heard are absolutely astounding!
SO, I wanted to share one of my favorite orchestras with you, and give you some encouragement in helping your students. Keep looking for innovative ways to get them interested and intrigued in what you are learning. Help them to appreciate the things that kids today have lost an interest in.
Have you seen Take the Lead? It’s a movie  based on a true story where the lead actor (Antonio Banderas) is a dance instructor who volunteers in a poor inner-city school and teaches the kids in detention ballroom dancing. It is a phenomenal movie and quite enjoyable to watch! I love it! It is very inspiring.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Trans-Siberian Orchestra (TSO) is really cool! The link Brad posted it great- just be forewarned that the first almost 3 minutes is narration!

  2. Jennifer - Mommy to 2 says:

    I didn't know you could play piano so well!! You'll have to come play for the kids sometime. 🙂

    I love Trans-Siberian Orchestra! They are in Tampa this Saturday and I would have loved to be able to go.

  3. Jennifer - Mommy to 2 says:

    Oh wait…just noticed you did say they'd be in town this weekend. Yeah we can't justify spending the money to go see them. I wanted to take Abby to the Max and Ruby show too, but it's too much $. They've given away tickets on the radio, but I give up trying to call in. 🙂

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