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FREE Personal Shopper - Step by Step Easy Shopping for Kids Clothes

It’s been 2 weeks since our temperatures outside started dipping into the 40’s and 30’s. TWO WEEKS until I realized that not only did I not have enough warm winter clothes for my daughter but I didn’t even have a winter jacket!?! Are you kidding me?! How does that happen?

I’ll tell you how it happens! I’m a mom! A busy mom. And life keeps moving right on by – winter coat or not! When I heard about a texting service to shop for kids clothes (babies to preschool age) my ears perked up a little. A texting service for buying kid’s clothes? I had never heard of such a thing but could definitely see the benefit so I agreed to give it a try.

I almost skipped looking at it because to be honest I didn’t want to pay any extra fees or memberships. My budget is pretty sacred. But you guys – IT WAS FREE! A FREE personal shopper picked out clothes for my daughter, sent me a variety of price ranges, and I chose which ones I wanted and didn’t want. I didn’t pay an extra cent. IN FACT – I even found a whole pile of clothes that this budget-savvy mama approved of – and I’m pretty picky about pricing! (and by pile I mean a couple piles!) And it was FREE SHIPPING! *MIND BLOWN*

Here’s how Kid Things! works:

Go over to Kid Things! and you’ll see something like this on their homepage:
FREE Personal Shopper - Step by Step Easy Shopping for Kids Clothes

Choose your child’s gender/age/size. Enter your e-mail address and your phone number to text, then wait. It took me about 5 seconds to do that – time is money after all! I quickly received a message that said they would get back to me soon and in less than an hour I had texts with photos and prices for individual clothing items. Everything I needed – from jackets to pants, shirts, and even shoes!

(Pssst – you can also text them a picture of your holiday shopping list and they’ll shop for that for you too!!!)

Screenshots from my order:

FREE Personal Shopper - Step by Step Easy Shopping for Kids Clothes


FREE Personal Shopper - Step by Step Easy Shopping for Kids Clothes FREE Personal Shopper - Step by Step Easy Shopping for Kids Clothes

Each item had a letter next to it and if I wanted to add that item to my “cart” I just typed cart and then the corresponding letters. You can look through my screenshots above – I kept my shopper busy finding my various sizes and styles, and then adding things to my cart! I chatted back and forth with her for quite a while because I wanted to see what else she had.

The nice thing was is that I had the freedom to add things to my cart that she sent me, go about my daily tasks, and come back to my texts whenever I had free time. She just kept adding my requests to my cart and when we were done with everything she sent me a link to check out. It was THAT easy. I even asked a few times what my total was up to since I had a budget of a set amount and I received screenshots of everything.

FREE Personal Shopper - Step by Step Easy Shopping for Kids Clothes

This is an AMAZING service. For SO many reasons. One quick glance at exactly what’s in your size range without needing to scroll through pages and pages of options you don’t want (or bounce around on multiple sites). This aggregates a variety of brands and styles. You can take it or leave it. Second, if you are busy (raises both hands AND feet here!) this texting service absolutely just revolutionized the way I shop for my daughter’s clothes. I literally sat on the couch with my husband, watched a TV show, and occasionally chose clothes to order. Less wasted time for me and more snuggles with my hubby!

These are the same clothes (and the SAME prices!) you’d find in stores – just with the enormous convenience of using the text service from anywhere you are at. Thankfully for younger kids pretty much everything fits when you buy their size, but Kid Things! has free returns in case you need to ship something back.

Quick “MUST KNOW” Facts about Kid Things!:

Ages?: Newborn to Preschool (about size 0 – 5)
Fees?: NONE
Membership? NONE
Shipping costs?: NONE
Returns?: FREE
Payment Method?: Paypal & Stripe (credit card)
Educational Benefit? YES!!! For every $100 you spend they donate funds on your behalf to Educare!
Texting Times to Shop?:
Monday – Friday: 8am – midnight EST
Saturday: 9am – 7pm EST
Sunday: 9am – 10pm EST

Go to Kid Things! RIGHT NOW and get started!

More Close up Photos of the Items I received:

FREE Personal Shopper - Step by Step Easy Shopping for Kids ClothesFREE Personal Shopper - Step by Step Easy Shopping for Kids Clothes FREE Personal Shopper - Step by Step Easy Shopping for Kids Clothes FREE Personal Shopper - Step by Step Easy Shopping for Kids ClothesFREE Personal Shopper - Step by Step Easy Shopping for Kids Clothes FREE Personal Shopper - Step by Step Easy Shopping for Kids Clothes FREE Personal Shopper - Step by Step Easy Shopping for Kids Clothes FREE Personal Shopper - Step by Step Easy Shopping for Kids Clothes

For $200 I chose the following 15 items at full price:

*2 Winter Jackets
*6  Winter Sweaters
*3 Long Sleeve Tees
*3 Pants
*1 Dress

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  1. A free personal shopper sounds amazing! I could have really used this when my kids were little and screaming in the middle of the store. Good times. Not really… LOL

    1. Haha I get it! I wish I could use this for my older kids but you’d better believe I’m going to take advantage of it with my youngest! You definitely can’t beat this!

  2. Looks pretty cool! I don’t have kids so I don’t think it would be useful to me, however, seems great!

  3. I love that you can shop right in the comfort of your own home! No need to go out! That’s definitely going to save you a lot of time and you don’t have to worry about who to leave the kids to. The choices are really lovely!

  4. This service sounds so helpful. It’s wonderful that it helped you find some new outfits for your daughter. The 50% off is going to be perfect for some holiday shopping.

  5. Where have they been all of my life? This sounds incredible, it is 24 degrees right now in the DC area and we are digging for all of our winter clothes. The kids have grown so much we need to replace a lot of things.

    1. This really is a good time to start picking out some new sets of clothes!

  6. Wow!!! That sure would save me a ton of time. Especially when you have multiple kids!

  7. Staying on top of my own wardrobe is tricky, but with kids always growing out of things it can seem impossible. I need all the help I can get!

  8. I like the FREE shipping aspect of this service. Very convenient service for when parents are juggling professional careers with raising children and don’t have a lot of free time for shopping.

  9. These are so cute. What an easy way to do your shopping! With a new grandson and 7 grand nieces and nephews to buy for this is going to be a big help.

  10. Gotta love all those savings. And taking a screenshot of your order for them to shop for you is just so cool. Sounds like a great service they’re offering.

  11. That is so awesome, it can really take some stress off of the parent for picking out clothes!

  12. What a cool service!! I need to share this with all of my Mommy friends!!

  13. robin rue says:

    That does sound like a cool service. I switched out our winter clothes from our summer clothes in October and noticed that both of my boys not only needed new winter coats because they grew, but new snow boots.

  14. This is so cool! I have two boys that I’m continually trying to find cute clothes for so this would really help me out and save me some time. Thanks!

  15. Pam Wattenbarger says:

    Those are some adorable choices. I need to check this out for the baby. I’m always looking for good deals on cute clothing for her.

  16. Amber Myers says:

    Oh cool, this sounds so helpful! Plus the clothes are adorable! I’ll be sharing this service with my friends.

  17. I’m in shock that you got all of that for $200! Amazing – and the clothing is adorable. This is a great way to save time and money!

  18. What a great idea and I had no clue that this was a thing for kids! Will pass it along to some mommy friends

  19. Your personal shopper did a bang-up job of picking cute kids clothing selections!! Love that the service is free! Saves moms so much time and frustration!

  20. Hey I am all for a free personal shopper how awesome does that sound, I never quite know what to buy so to have ideas given to me would make everything so much easier.

  21. THis looks like such a convenient service for busy parents. Heading to the store and dealing with long lines is never my idea of a good time.

  22. Mommy Moment says:

    How great would it be to do all your shopping from the comfort of home and not have to bring a toddler out – especially during winter?!? Fantastic!

  23. Dina Demarest says:

    Looks like a really nice deal! I love the free personal shopper feature! It would be perfect for us, busy moms!

  24. Terri Beavers says:

    Having this for the grand kids would be great. I love all of your outfit pics. I also love that they donate as well. I love companies that give back.

  25. sara lafountain says:

    This is such a brilliant way to shop! I wish my kids still fit in these sizes or I would sign up right away!

  26. This looks super useful! My first is due in two weeks (OMG) and I’ll have to keep this in mind!

  27. Wildish Jess says:

    I love ordering any and everything online. These are cute options and great that they donate to a cause.

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