My Opinion of the Moon Sand Construction Sky Crane Set

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A few months ago Amazon had a STEAL on Moon Sand’s Construction Sky Crane Set– I grabbed it for only $5!! This kit is normally about $25. I still can’t believe I got it for such a steal. Anyways I’ve been saving it for my son’s birthday. I figured I’d share with you what we thought of it. Extra kits like this for Moon Sand, Moon Dough, and Play-doh are always nice to learn a little more about before you actually buy them! Sometimes they are awesome and sometimes they are a total flop.

It is quite a large set up. When you open the box it turns into the sandbox holder which I thought was pretty cool, although right in the middle there are 2 little sections where the sand can come out. Overall it kept the sand pretty contained. After my kids were done playing I had a very minimum amount of sand that had escaped out of the box. As you can see it came with a sky crane, which to be honest my son got his hands on this kit before I could even look at it. So I’m guessing it wasn’t complicated to put it together since my just 4 year old son had it together in a jiffy. By the time I had grabbed my camera he had it all set up!

It came with 3 packs of moon sand, a brick mold, the dump truck, a worker man, and 2 attachments- the scoop and the wrecking ball. The day my son received this he had just undergone a 2 hour OT evaluation so he was in desperate need of some downtime. He played with this by himself for over 1 1/2 hours- I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t hear a sound from him! Thinking that maybe it was bc he needed to unwind, I pulled the kit out the next day and he definitely played with it for about an hour before he tore off to do something else. Same story- very little sand out of the box.

The crane does actually work- and surprisingly very well. My son can maneuver the crane by himself, raise and lower it, and scoop the sand. Overall we LOVE this kit. It is definitely worth the $5 we paid for it and I do think that even though $25 is a little high, it is still worth the price. It is a really great kit. I used the brick mold to build a brick wall and let my son use the wrecking ball to knock it over. I give this product a 2 thumbs up. It’s durable, it works properly, I’m impressed. Very good quality. There’s nothing more I hate than spending a lot of money on kits where the little pieces don’t work. No worries here- it definitely works very well.

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    Great review and extra great deal for $5. Wish I could find it for $5 lol. Awesome your guy put it together on his own =)

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