Tips for Keeping the Family Healthy During the Winter Season

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Tips for Keeping the Family Healthy During the Winter Season

Tis the season for parties, holiday decoration, Christmas lights….and GERMS! As much as I love the holidays and the winter every year it becomes a big icky mess of stuffy noses, nasty colds, and illnesses that run through our household, and our school! My husband and children are at 3 different schools which means maximum exposure to germs! I am determined to keep on top of the germs this year and help my kids be proactive in staying healthy!

Here are some tips to help you stay proactive at combating illnesses this winter:

Tips for Keeping the Family Healthy During the Winter Season

In the House:

*ALWAYS keep in stock children’s over the counter medication like Children’s Advil® Suspension, Children’s Robitussin ® DM Day/Night Pack (Cough & Chest Congestion is for ages 4+ and Nighttime Cough is ages 6+) and Children’s Dimetapp® Cold & Cough (for ages 6+ ). ALWAYS. And make sure you have a working thermometer! The WORST thing is having a sick child and opening your medicine cabinet to find that you don’t have what you need! Once fall hits I always check my medicine cabinets and fill it with medications we will need over the winter. AND did you know that Children’s Advil comes in sugar-free Dye-free flavors like Berry, Bubble Gum, Grape, Blue Raspberry, Fruit and dye-free White Grape flavors?! Grab a coupon here to save up to $3.50 on these Pfizer products!  

TIP: READ medication labels EVERY SINGLE TIME. When you’re tired or busy it’s very easy to mix up doses. Always always always double check medication doses for your child’s age!

*Wash bedsheets, pillowcases, AND stuffed animals frequently! I get it – you’re tired, you’re sick, you’re busy and there’s a LOT to do! But please don’t forget to change out your sheets and the pillowcase that you breathe on all night with your sick germs!! And that blanket or stuffed animal your child can’t live without – it definitely needs to be washed!

*Wipe down all doorknobs, light switches, appliance & drawer handles, and surfaces with a disinfecting wipe or cleaner once each week.

Tips for Keeping the Family Healthy During the Winter Season

*Remove clothes at the door! If you have an immune-compromised child or are struggling with a really nasty battle of illness in your house our doctor always highly recommends shedding your clothes at the door to prevent any germs you are carrying from going further into your house! This is especially helpful if you have a child likely to catch respiratory illnesses!

*Change toothbrushes after EVERY illness! This is the season where I stock up on those 5 count packs of toothbrushes for $1! The last thing you want to do is get sick from using the same toothbrush you were using while you were ill! We are pretty liberal about switching out toothbrushes during sick season!

*Keep comfort foods on hand. I stay stocked on saltine crackers, chicken noodle soup, soothing tea, applesauce, and other easy to stomach foods for those days you just don’t feel like you can eat much!

Tips for Keeping the Family Healthy During the Winter Season

In the Car:

*Keep tissues AND trash bags in your car! It is inevitable that someone has to blow their nose in the car! Not only is it worst case scenario if you don’t have tissues in there but then if you have no place to put the tissues – ick!

*Wipe down the steering wheel, door handles, movie/radio buttons, seat belts, etc. once per week. OK – this is one huge area I almost always miss – partly because I hate being out in the cold. But grab a disinfecting wipe once a week and run it over every common surface in the car you and your children touch!

On the Go:

*Attach travel hand sanitizer bottles to your purse / bags. Use it after every visit into a store, bathroom, mall, appointment, etc. Make it a habit!

For more sick “hacks” check out the Sick Just Got Real website!

Tips for Keeping the Family Healthy During the Winter Season sponsored by Pfizer Consumer Healthcare



Leave a comment below letting me know how you keep winter germs at bay for the chance to win a $25 virtual Visa Gift Card and (1) Children’s Advil® Suspension (various flavor), (1) Children’s Robitussin ® DM Day/Night Pack and (1) Children’s Dimetapp® Cold & Cough. Don’t forget you can print money saving coupons and find more “sick hacks” hereWinner will receive gift pack within 4-6 weeks. U.S. addresses only. Must respond to winner’s e-mail by December 1, 2017! Giveaway closes at 3pm CST on Thursday Nov. 30, 2017.


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    I make sure my kids are eating well and always washing their hands. @lamoreuxnatasha

  2. I always make sure to spray my students desks with disinfectant spray daily.

  3. We drink lots of water, take vitamins, and wash our hands!

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