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Being a teacher many times means that you need to be creative in how you decorate your classroom due to little or no budget! Especially for simply decorating! I find the BEST deals on Amazon when things go on sale, but the one store that I have loved going to for classroom type decor is the Dollar Tree.
The Dollar Tree to me is very different than your typical dollar store, and if you’ve ever been there you already know that!! Many times I find fabulous name brand stuff- and everything in the store is only $1- no matter what it is!! There’s nothing I hate more than visiting a dollar store and everything is more than a buck! Why call it a dollar store?? ARGH!
Anyways, not only have I found Disney & Nickelodeon toys for kids, but I have found styling salon products, extra shirts from Target, etc.

Check out this alphabet strips I got for only $1! Since the picture we’ve had it laminated so it’s one big poster now.

They also have write/erase sets, office supplies like markers, teacher stamps, stickers, organizational bins, maps of the world, welcome banners, certificates/awards, wall charts, prizes for the kids, candy bags, etc. And I didn’t know this but evidently you can also buy stuff actually on their website as well in sets of things. They have a specific Teacher’s Corner to shop at.
And they offer FREE shipping for all in store pickups!! I have a very difficult time going to the Dollar Tree and not buying anything! Below are a few things you can grab from the Dollar Tree for only $1 each (the sets include multiple items- each piece is $1). I get no perks from posting this, I just really love the things I can get here both for my children at home and for my husband’s classroom.

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  1. Joy Tamsin David says:

    I did all my school supply shopping at Dollar Tree this year. We used to have teacher resource stores in my area but they all closed. So it was Dollar Tree or nothing. They had some good things there.

  2. I LOVE Dollar Tree! Whenever I get a chance to go to one, I stock up. I totally agree with your pet peeve, too – a "Dollar" store where half the stuff is $5.99. UGH!

    Stopping by from the TFCT Blog Hop at Acting Balanced!

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