Kids Getting Crafty with Acorns

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Our yard is absolutely FULL of acorns! I don’t remember ever having SO many acorns- they are everywhere! So last week when I was outside with the boys I decided to fill up a bucket with acorns and use them for a few crafts. I went online & printed out this “O for Owl” coloring page which was “framed” with a design. I let my son color his owl (which I was proud of- he HATES coloring!) and then lined the frame with glue. I put a dish of acorns out in front of him and let him decorate his very own picture frame with owl!



There are a TON of ideas you can use acorns for if you find you have way too many in your yard. You can print out a picture of a squirrel and paste on a pile of acorns for nuts, you can let the kids glue them onto wooden craft picture frames ($1 at most craft stores) and let them decorate or paint it for Christmas gifts, you can get a decorative crafty satchel and fill with acorns & cinnamon as little mini-gifts from the kids. Get creative!

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  1. tres cute! 🙂 love the acorn craft ideas! I will save them for when my baby is older! 🙂 Found ya through the Thirsty for Comments linky… I think I did one of your giveaways too at some point! 🙂

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