Where to Buy Bugs???

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I had someone ask me the other day where is a good place to buy bugs? (Not kidding!) Teachers and sometimes parents will buy bugs as an educational tool for their children. Whether it’s raising them in a classroom or releasing them outside- there are many reasons why people buy bugs. Well it depends on the reason you are looking to buy bugs. This Saturday my son will be having his 4 year old birthday party, and so I have been researching where we can buy bugs for his “Backyard Bug hunt” Party.
If you are looking for self-contained kits for your classroom or your children you can check out Insect Lore (they have home kits AND classroom sized kits), Uncle Milton, Sea Monkeys, or other “all inclusive animal kits”. There are a few animal kits (frogs, sauropods, etc.) at Toys R Us as well. This is a nice option as generally it will contain the habitat, animal, and food for the animal all in one kit.
If you’re looking for simply the animal or eggs without the added cost of the inclusive habitat, you can check your local gardner which will sometimes carry ladybugs and such, or you can order on Amazon. Did you know that you can order thousands of ladybugs on Amazon (we just did!)? You can order praying mantis cases, and many more live creatures as well. At my son’s birthday party we will be “hunting” bugs and releasing 1500 ladybugs. Amazon or other gardening sites are a great idea for larger quantities of bugs for which you do not need or already have a habitat for.

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