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Last night we decided to have a little get together for any of the teachers at my husband’s school that wanted to come by. It was a great spooky celebration as we had the opportunity to go shopping to decorate the house and get some snacks for the party! It was very easy to find the Halloween (well…and Christmas) section!
The ghost and pumpkin lights were SO cute – they were my absolute favorite! But I would have wanted to buy a lot of them and they were $5 each!! There was a little bit of everything there. Lots of costumes, a few yard inflatables, Halloween lights, spooky and not-so-spooky decorations, even creepy kitchen gear like oven mitts and towels! I had plenty to choose from for Halloween party supplies.


Our favorite find? This flying ghost! I actually didn’t buy it my first trip and after coming home and thinking about it I really wish I had gotten it so I had to go back! It was $16.99 and worth EVERY penny!! The black cord you see hanging is 25 ft. long and the ghost, when it hears noise, moves back and forth on the cord Booing! We even met someone in the store that said they had this for years and it was their kid’s favorite decoration!
I decided that arriving at the party for Halloween is just as important as the decorations inside, so we REALLY wanted to spice up our front porch for some spooky fun! Check out my video below to see how our front yard and porch were decorated.
What did you think?? Would YOU like to come visit our spooky porch!! My kids think it’s great! And nothing is gorey or too terribly creepy except maybe to the youngest little ones. Throwing parties and hosting social events is one thing that I do love to do. It’s hard to squeeze the time into our busy schedule, so planning it around holidays or themes is the easiest.
Of course we had our food table all decorated. We even had little goody bags filled with yummy candy corn and candy pumpkins!


Since our Halloween get together was inspired by the Party BluPrints Blog (she has AWESOME ideas!) we tried recreating some of their snacks. Below, however, you will see that our ghosts of whipped cream melted before I could even get a picture of them – or finish making them for that matter!! Oops!



These cupcakes were a lot of fun to make and very simple, although slightly time consuming. I used a box of Fun-da-middles cupcake mix (my son has food allergies and this was the easiest to do!) and instead of putting the icing in the middle I used it on top since my son can’t have regular icing.
I placed a small marshmallow towards the top for the skeleton head, and then I actually used a toothpick to “paint” on chocolate syrup for the skeleton body. You can also use dark icing as well if your family does not have food allergies.


We had spooky mummy breadsticks, more candy corn, and spooky mummies in a blanket!


I bought party favors for simple decoration ideas on the table. I had a wine goblet with just eye balls, one with spider rings, and one filled with a red soda and floating eye balls! The red juice with the floating eye balls was my favorite!



One of my favorite inside decorations was their spider webs. They had huge ones shown below, and I also bought several of the smaller spider webs as well to decorate with! They were very inexpensive and really put out a big effect. It certainly helps that my living room is orange! 🙂



We still had our pirate banner up, so we covered the mantel with the skeleton heads and spider web. My kids thought that was pretty cool!


It was such a nice time to just be able to invite friends over for a very low key evening. The snacks were very easy to make and didn’t take too long. All of the guests that came appreciated having some “down time” off of work to just hang out and relax.


This is my husband with one of the kindergarten teachers at his school. She helps my son with tutoring throughout the year. And her daughter is our babysitter!


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  1. Jenn [ Crippled Girl ] says:

    I LOVE the spiderweb over your mantle, it looks so awesome! You did such an amazing job on the food, too!

  2. Frosted Fingers says:

    You did a great job! I wish we would have had those little ghosts and pumpkins at our Kmart and the floating ghost! I would have totally gotten those as well. Amazing how every Kmart is different.

  3. I want to come! How fun!!!

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