HearthSong Lil’ Davinci Art Frames Review

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Lil' Davinci Art Frames 2Pretty stunning isn’t it? It’s not a museum wall of art….it’s my hallway! And that’s MY kids artwork in there! Yes, on pieces of cardboard – don’t they look AMAZING!!! I am so excited that HearthSong has partnered with us once again to feature their Lil’ Davinci Art Frames. I’m a mom, I’m a BUSY mom, and when my kids come home with what seems like hundreds of papers from school a month I am at a huge loss what to do with it all! I bought a storage box system….but then that got full and I ended up just tossing most of it. Because after all, who is going to see it if it’s sitting in a box?

These Lil’ Davinci Art Frames come in sizes 8.5″x11″ and 12″x18″ and can be hung either vertically OR horizontally so you really have a lot of options! It’s an art “cabinet” that hangs from the wall and displays your child’s artwork. And even better it actually stores up to 50 original pieces of artwork inside the frame! There are actually a ton of things you can do with this frame too if you’d rather use it to make a calendar or other scrapbook memory.

DSC_0008 (3)

So very simply put you hang up the frame, open up the front window, and insert your child’s artwork!

hang it

You can see here the two different locations where you can choose to hang up your frame – or even flip it around as your child’s artwork changes! The clasps are exactly the same distance apart so you just drill your holes into the wall once and you can hang it anytime you like! The great thing is that the hardware to hang the frames is included. PLUS the paper that is sitting inside the frame when you open it up has the marking pre-made for the holes that need to be drilled. You just hold the paper up to the wall and drill the holes where they are marked! No marking necessary!!


Isn’t this just gorgeous?!!? I LOVE it! My son spread some glue onto a piece of black card stock and sprinkled on our colored art sand. This is his rhinoceros. I absolutely LOVE the color contrast and I am proud to have it hanging in my hallway!


I also made a “shadow box” type scrapbook set up showcasing my son’s preschool grad cap with his preschool diploma which I really liked displaying as well!

So what did I think overall? I really liked the Lil’ Da Vinci Art Frames from HearthSong. Getting your child’s artwork into the frame can be a little tricky because it needs to be the right size. I did find, however, that my kids tend to come home with artwork that is about the same size so usually I can get the artwork up into the frames within minutes. It is also helpful to have an extra hand to hold the frame open but honestly I didn’t have any problems with just setting it on top of my head as I put the artwork in. Some people in other reviews that I read mentioned that they had problems knocking the frame off the wall in the process but I didn’t have any problems with that at all. It’s really a great product and can be really stunning in showcasing your children’s artwork! I was really impressed with the quality of the frames itself.

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  1. Ian O'Gara says:

    those connectagons are pretty cool!

  2. I love their potholder looms–its metal so the hooks don’t break off and their potholder loops are cotton.

  3. Michelle Episale says:

    Love the Huggle Pods!

  4. Michelle Episale says:

    Love Hugglepods!

  5. I like how they have items separated by age. That will help me find toys appropriate for my toddler.

  6. christine beatty says:

    lots of school supplies and organization stuff

  7. christine beatty says:

    frames for my sons art work

  8. I love the Kid Cart! Looks like fun!

  9. Kimberly Schotz says:

    I like the Legends of Magic Kit with DVD from Heartsong

  10. I might buy the P’kolino Little Reader Sofa/Sleeper so my grandson has a place to sit and read books.

  11. Kimberly Schotz says:

    If I were to win the gift card I would purchase my daughter the deluxe wizard costume with hat.

  12. If I won, I might buy the Deluxe Block Set.

  13. Karen Ganon says:

    I would get something for my “building club” at school–something for the engineering standards.

  14. the deluxe platform swing

  15. I would buy educational toys

  16. the educational robot

  17. things for the school.

  18. Jess McCarthy says:

    I think the Educational Insights GeoSafari Sea-Scope would be so much fun! We have a pond near our house that would be fun to explore!

  19. Jess McCarthy says:

    My boys have been eyeing this up for awhile- Kid Galaxy Morphibian® Radio Control Vehicle. I’d totally have to get one of those!

  20. Betty Baez says:

    i love the Oversized 3 in 1 Game Set 1

  21. Betty Baez says:

    I would buy the oversized 3 in 1 game set i know my kids would have loads of fun with it!

  22. the deluxe block set

  23. deluxe platform swing

  24. I would buy something for our school

  25. Laura Jacobson says:

    Oh I also love the Kid Galaxy Morphibian® Radio Control Vehicle!

  26. I would go online with hubby and pick out a Christmas gift for extended family.

  27. Laura Jacobson says:

    I would love the Durable Weather-Resistant Metal Spinning Seesaw!

  28. I also like the Hape Bamboo Pallina Game! 🙂 But wow, these frames are incredible, what a good idea!

  29. I think I’d have to purchase these frames with the gift card, just love them!!

  30. The Silly Soft Seating is too cute!

  31. There are so many cute choices to purchase if I win. I would either buy the Silly Soft Seating or a few cute toys.

  32. I would buy some frames for students’ artwork

  33. I would buy the silly soft seating

  34. I would buy some educational tots

  35. Connectagons and the potholder looms would be great for my classroom. The kids love them!

  36. I like the Marble Runaround

  37. I would probably buy the marble runaround if I won the gift card

  38. i love the Cotton Canvas Teepees with Wooden Poles

    rafflecopter: daniel

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