Learning Resources Primary Science Metal Detector for Kids Review

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learning resources metal detector for kids review

As the spring is plowing through and the summer looms ahead it’s the perfect time to start planning some fun outdoor activities when the weather is nice out! And who doesn’t love educational activities more than I do?!

Learning Resources has recently come out with this fun new Primary Science Metal Detector geared for kids ages 3+ (so perfect for preschoolers!) which is probably a bit too small for your older kids but perfect for younger hands and preschool activities!

It’s great for both outdoor activities in search of treasures as well as indoor preschool activity centers when learning about what objects are made out of! And YES it actually works!

learning resources metal detector for kids review

You can store the metal detector flat and it can also easily be tilted up like this just like a normal metal detector would have! It does need 2 AAA batteries which are not included but it lights up when you run it over metal and beeps just like a real one!

learning resources metal detector for kids review

I love that this Primary Science Metal Detector is not only affordable (under $20) and of course can be highly educational but the size is perfect for preschoolers. It’s not big and awkward for little kids to carry around and can easily be used indoors for enrichment activities.

learning resources metal detector for kids review

To turn the power on you just turn the knob from off to on and then back again to turn it off – again, very easy for little hands!

learning resources metal detector for kids review

My oldest son (age 7) is obsessed with finding treasures so he thought this was cool to take around the yard and look for metal objects outside whereas my younger son who is 5 preferred to stay indoors and compare objects in the house to see what was made of metal.

You can see how small the metal detector is when my son is holding it in the photo above. Even the littlest tikes can hold it. Personally I wouldn’t really recommend it for kids older than preschool age simply because of it’s small size but there are SO many educational and learning activities that you can do with this in addition to just plain having fun!

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