Special Needs: Left Handed Children

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Are left-handed children really special needs?

No, not technically. BUT I wanted to raise a little bit of thought for left-handed children because many teachers/parents do not know how to help these children learn to write properly. Myself included! My son is left handed, and both hubby & I are right handed. It is very different trying to teach our son left-handed techniques for writing!

Aching wrist, smudged work, bad posture and slow writing are typical for a left-handed child who is not taught to write properly. Teaching proper handwriting and letter formation from preschool on is of utmost important for these children. Anything Left Handed has an absolutely fabulous Letter Formation Guide which shows exactly how a lefty should write their letters. Most of it an exact opposite mirror to how us rightys form our letters. It was actually rather interesting coming across this! This site actually also sells left handed golf supplies, kitchenware & gadgets, scissors, guitar chord books, and more.

A Few Famous Left-Handed People

  • Leonardo da Vinci
  • Albert Einstein
  • Michaelangelo
  • Alexander the Great
  • Napoleon Bonaparte
  • Julius Cesar
  • Queen Victoria
  • Helen Keller
  • Picasso

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  1. Interesting! Several of my relatives are left-handed, so I know it's tough to be a lefty in a right-handed world!

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  3. Jennifer Rogers says:

    Leftys are quite unique! My mother brother and one daughter are leftys. Lear all you can about leftys. You will soon discover they view things in a different perspective. Most are math and science gifted and problem solvers, they see patterns that are not obvious to us rightys. Learn , learn, learn about leftys, they are more than just special. You will discover that the most difficult thing to teach your child is social skills.
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