Healthier Alternatives to Trick or Treat Candy

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Now I’m not saying throw out the candy and be a halloween scrooge!! Did you know the average child eats 3 CUPS of sugar from Halloween candy???


But consider having a bag of these treats with you and swapping the candy your kids get for some of this stuff! Not only is most of it healthier, it’s safer too since you don’t really know who they’re getting their candy from!

    • Yummy Earth candy – it’s organic, dye & preservative free! (gummy worms/bears & lollipops)
    • Surf Sweets– it’s organic, dye & preservative free! (gummy worms/bears & jelly beans)
    • Fruit Island Fruit Leather Strips
    • Chocolate without fillers like caramel & nuts
    • Homemade Rice Krispy treats
    • Trail mix
    • Animal crackers, pretzels, or goldfish
    • Popcorn (you can even make popcorn ghost balls using plastic wrap!)
    • Scooby Snacks Graham crackers
    • 100 Calorie pack cookies
    • 100% Juice boxes
  • or even NON-food alternatives like Silly Bands, Glow Sticks, Bubbles, Stickers/Tattoos, etc.)

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