Space Saving Laundry Hacks for College Students

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Laundry Hacks for College Students

Let’s face it – doing laundry at college is not number one on my most student’s lists and I know my laundry stuff seemed to take up my entire tiny closet! I’m not even sure how I went through so much laundry but trying to lug overflowing hampers full of clothes to the dryer on campus was not my most memorable college memory. I do, however, remember constantly shifting my dirty clothes pop up hamper around my dorm room to access my closet or desk area. It always seemed to be in the way! Here are some great space saving laundry hacks for college students.

*Laundry Detergent Pods – a little space saving slice of heaven! No longer do you have to tote big jugs or buckets of laundry detergent down to the laundromat or campus laundry room – just throw a pod onto your dirty clothes pile and dump in the washer!

pop up laundry hamper

*Hanging Laundry Bag or Hamper – Hang it over the door or on a metal clothes hanger! Get that load off of the floor leaving more room in your closet for books, clothes, and other necessities. Poke a small hole in the top of your detergent pod bag with your wire hanger and hang that too!

*Laundry in a Rolling Suitcase – Another awesome idea is to store your dirty laundry in a rolling suitcase. Not only does this confine all of your laundry into one tall thin area but it also makes toting laundry easier.

*Stain Remover – Store your Stain Remover on the wall inside your closet by simply adding a piece of Velcro (or a Glue Dot!) on the wall and on your stain stick. Handy for easy access and you’re guaranteed not to lose it!

Space Saver Laundry Hack

*Hanging Door Shelf or Shoe Holder – Whether you have room to hang a shelf or shoe holder over your door, on your closet rack, or tacked up inside your closet these are the best way I’ve found to store things! You can easily store everything for your laundry needs as well as beauty supplies, school supplies, food and more!

*Collapsible or Hanging Dryer Rack – Although most college students opt to throw their laundry in the dryer you may need to air dry something in a pinch or for more delicate items. Don’t get one of those huge laundry drying racks. Look for a small collapsible one or consider hanging a short clothesline across the room or through your closet that can be taken down between use.

Do you have any other space saving laundry hacks for college students? Share them with us below!


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