Fun for the Kids – Let Them Make Their Own Pillows

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Over the weekend we were all pretty sick so going out to the park was out of the question. After some brainstorming I remembered some old scrap fabric I had laying around and came up with the idea to let the kids “make” and decorate their own pillows. You can change the difficulty of this activity depending on the age of your kids. Mine are little so I cut out matching panels – 2 for 1 pillow and 2 for the other pillow, then sewed up 3 sides of the pillow, leaving an entire side open for little hands to stuff the craft filling inside.

First I let my kids decorate their pillows with Sharpie Fabric Stained Markers. My sewing machine is driving me nuts lately so the stitching is all lumpy and crooked, and I didn’t have any solid colored fabric scraps – but do you think my kids cared? NOPE! 🙂
In fact my son who just a few short months ago couldn’t even draw a straight line is now turning into a budding artist!! He decided to draw a house with an elevator and his friends in it!


Once the kids were done doodling on their fabric it was time to stuff the pillows! Even my 2 year old could do this himself!

After all of the stuffing was in I quickly sewed up the last side of each of their pillows and voila! The kids had special new pillows to sleep with at night!! Look how happy my son looks with just a few scraps of fabric crookedly sewn together! 🙂


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    That looks like fun! Thank you for sharing!!

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