Smartfish Technologies ErgoMotion Laser Mouse Review

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Smartfish Technologies has this amazing product called the ErgoMotion Laser Mouse. It was designed to help those who use computers have healthier benefits than those who use a mouse with a rigid hand structure. The ErgoMotion technology decreases stress injuries that one might receive due to the fixed position your hand must be in to use the average computer mouse. Below you will see pictures of how the ErgoMotion Laser Mouse will actually move and flex with your hand which promotes good circulation as well!

Here is a video where they actually explain the health benefits of the ErgoMotion Laser Mouse.

So how do you use this mouse? One thing I love about it is that it is wireless!! There is a small USB stick that attaches to the bottom of the mouse- all you need to do is plug it in the computer and you’re ready to go! (The mouse does require 2 batteries – see the on/off switch?)

So what did we think? WOW! That’s what I say- I was extremely impressed! In fact I hardly ever get to use it because my husband keeps stealing my mouse!! This Ergomotion mouse certainly does help my arm not to be quite so tired after heavy computer usage. It’s extremely simple to use- plug it in & go. I was a little concerned that it might be hard to adjust to but it really isn’t. It is a bit more sensitive than my normal mouse so that took a little getting used to. I definetely recommend this mouse for anyone that uses the computer on a regular basis.

I love that you can so simply move this mouse from computer to computer which makes it very portable. Not only is it user-friendly and portable it’s healthier for your wrist & back than using the average mouse. I don’t know about you but we sure spend a ton of time in front of the computer!!
You can learn more about Smartfish Technologies and their products:

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