Our Local Sensory Park

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Yesterday we spent several hours at our local sensory park for my son. Just in the past couple years our city invested millions of dollars into a special needs sensory playground for children- specifically designed for those with autism and physical handicaps. Honestly I wish everyone had somewhere like this- it’s incredible. It is an amazing place and I couldn’t be happier about such an amazing place to take the kids. It really helps with my sons sensory issues which is why we decided to go there this weekend. There are seats to spin on, water to touch, rocks to climb, swings, nets, slides, periscopes, a musical section with drums and chimes, a sliding hill, balance beams, and much more! 

Here are a few pictures of our sensory park:






Don’t have a sensory park or even a nice park near you? Create your own sensory experiments at home!

Here are a few to spark your imagination:

Sensory Dinosaurs
Sensory Matching Game
Sink or Float?
Oatmeal Dig & Find
Super Soft Sheep
Sensory Bottles
Scented PlayDough & Sachets

Have you posted a sensory idea for kids on your blog? Leave the link here in the comments for others to find!!

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