Making a Christmas Mouse with Leftover Candy Canes

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With all of those candy canes on clearance right now here is a cute craft you can do with your kids!
Making a Christmas mouse (or after-Christmas mouse!) is quite easy! All you’ll need is regular sized candy canes, felt (any colors), googly eyes, and tiny pom pom balls!


You’ll need to cut one large teardrop shape out of felt the same length as your candy cane for the mouse body. In a different color you’ll need to cut the mouse ears like our white ones above – a propeller-type shape. In the large mouse body teardrop felt you’ll need to make a few small slits. On the round end (the bottom of the mouse) you’ll need one small slit to slide the candy cane into. At the tip of the teardrop (the mouse head) you’ll need two small slits side by side for the mouse ears to slide into. You can now glue on the googly eyes and the small nose.


Take your propeller-shaped ears and slide them into the slits you made on the mouse head shown above.


Now is the easy part – inserting the candy cane!! Lay the candy cane on the bottom of the mouse and slide the curved hook end of the candy cane into the single slit on the end of the mouse. Then you can slide the tip of the candy cane on the bottom through the material that the ears were made out of! This is a fun creative craft to hand out as gifts too during the holiday season!

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