Samsonite Viz Air Laptop & Sharon Backpack Bag Reviews

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Perhaps other than shoes one of the most important investments for you to consider during the back to school season is your child’s backpack. (Or if you’re a teacher who totes around your laptop too!) I have been using the Samsonite VizAir Laptop Backpack and I REALLY love it.

Ok, so the sleek silver and pink style definitely doesn’t hurt!!


It fits laptops up to 15.6″ (like my hubby’s MAC or my Chromebook!) and it has some SERIOUS padding to it. It does an absolutely fantastic job at keeping my laptop safe. I included a video below so you can see a little better hands-on what all of the pockets look like but this is really the perfect laptop backpack for on the go. This would have been perfect as a college student! It has a SUPER padded back compartment for the laptop which has a soft lining and the VizAir “air bumpers” which protect your laptop at the bottom and corners of the backpack. You can see it better in my video! It’s like a slotted hard bumper to help absorb the shock of bouncing your laptop around on your back! Plus the back and back bottom of backpack have some seriously thick firm padding so that your laptop doesn’t keep banging on your back or shoulders while you’re moving around. Even the shoulder straps have some extra padding.


There is also an extra deep pocket that has a soft lining perfect for things like phones, ipods, keys, earbuds, or anything else that you need quick access to.

There is also a large middle compartment big enough to stuff your binders, books, notebooks, lunchbox, or anything else bulky. It unzips halfway down the bag and expands out to open up easier for stuffing! It additionally has a large pocket and mesh pocket for papers and folders.


This photo does not do the front compartment justice. The pink lining you see towards the top of the bag is the soft lining you can find throughout the bag. There are additional pockets inside this compartment, places for your pencils, pens, and calculators and a mesh zipper pocket for things you need to see like money. On either side of the outside of the VizAir Laptop backpack there are also side pockets for things like water bottles.

This Viz Air Laptop Backpack is definitely my style backpack and the perfect choice for your high school and college students. It helps protect their laptops when they aren’t! I’ve been there before – throw your laptop in a bookbag and forget it’s in there….yeah, not such a good idea!! PLUS this special bag actually stays upright when you place the bag on the ground instead of falling over on the floor like a normal backpack. Trust me – it would be very difficult to step on this backpack (or the laptop inside!) since it stands upright! More safety!


The Samsonite Sharon Laptop Backpack is less padded than the VizAir but still has some padding in the back compartment and also fits up to 15.6″ laptops. This is my husband’s kind of backpack – it’s more sleek and has less bells and whistles but still gets the job done. On the top of the bag is an easy carry handle so you can carry it by your side if you prefer. There are mesh pockets on both sides of this bag as well as in the front.


It has a spacious middle compartment that expands out a bit with an extra pocket inside for more storage.

The front pocket has all sorts of storage pockets inside and even an additional pocket and clip on the outside of the front for quick access to things like keys, money, ID cards, sunglasses, ipods, and more. BOTH of these backpacks are exceptional quality. They are worth the price and won’t rip up or wear down easily. I am very pleased with both of these bags.

Samsonite of course has all sorts of products from laptop backpacks to luggage, duffel bags, accessories and more. You can find Samsonite on Twitter and on Facebook.

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this review. I received two bags to use in order to form my own opinions. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Kristin Wheeler (Mama Luvs Books) says:

    I am such a bag person!!! I love this one!! LOOKS AWESOME! I am sooooo getting one!

  2. That is a super snazzy laptop backpack! My 18 year old brother is starting college next week, and I’ve been wanting to get him something useful, yet not boring (like towels and bed linens, ha). This seems perfect! 🙂

  3. Sebastian says:

    Right now I am looking for a new backpack that can hold tech and is also great for travelling to have my essentials with me. I think this backpack has the right combination for me since I would not travel with a bigger laptop then my MacBook Air. Also it seems that there is sufficient padding all around especially on the bottom since that is a very critical part if you are carrying expensive items around.
    I have been looking all over to find a great backpack but some companies just don’t offer enough information online like for example (case logic). If the internet is the only way to buy a product because the item doe not sell in your country then it is very hard to judge the product if there is not enough info online. Sorry but I had to rant a bit about that. 🙂
    So finally it came very close between this backpack the VizAir or the Spigen Klasden Levanaus. I am going for the VizAir because it seems to be the better choice for me and it has side pockets for drinks which I use all the time .

    Thank you for your making this great review. I appreciate it a lot since it really helped me to make my decision. 🙂

  4. melindabelle says:

    I have that pink, silver and white one! I LOVE it. I’m 23 and started back to college in January and bought this backpack then. It has fallen off of my bed with my computer in it and I’ve slipped on ice and fallen flat on my back(pack) with my laptop on board and it is still in perfect condition. Not even a scratch on my new laptop! It’s lightweight to be so large and the padding makes long walks across campus a lot more comfortable than they were with other bags.

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