I’m a U.S. Cellular Better Moments Blogger Brigade Ambassador!

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 I am a U.S. Cellular Ambassador.

 Technology….it’s one of those things you can’t live and you can’t live without! I remember in high school I was just absolutely PSYCHED because I had a “mobile phone”. Remember when we used to call it that? It was one of those great old-fashioned flip phones that you paid by the minute for….. $.99 a minute. Really, it was for emergencies but I just felt so cool that I could afford to get one. It sure beat that huge clunky phone my mom had attached to our car for phone calls. (remember those too?) And the scary thing is that I just turned 30 years old – all this “technology” sounds like an ancient dinosaur now and we laugh at it – but it wasn’t that long ago!

Earlier this year my husband and I made the big switch to change our cell phone carrier. In fact, it wasn’t really a decision, since we moved to Iowa last year our phone service carrier actually DROPPED us as customers because they said we were too far – trust me, I was NOT happy, not one bit. But I have to admit, our lives became a lot easier when we switched to U.S. Cellular. Not only do we have fantastic service (which is really saying a lot because we live in the middle of nowhere and most carriers don’t even provide out here!) but I LOVE going into our U.S. Cellular store in town – they are SO friendly and incredibly helpful. In fact the guy that I like to work with there actually befriended our family long before I became a U.S. Cellular Customer when we first moved up here to Iowa. He won us over. 🙂 He always goes over and above what is necessary to help us out.

A few weeks ago U.S. Cellular contacted me and asked me to be an ambassador as part of their Better Moments Blogger Brigade and I accepted! I am SO excited to work with them since we already love their cell service so much! Check out a few of the reasons we switched to U.S. Cellular.

It was an easy switch for my family. Not only was it the best priced cell phone service in our area but the quality of call time is best here too compared to asking around to all of our friends and neighbors. In fact I have to say that where we live I honestly don’t know anyone that doesn’t use U.S. Cellular – and they are all happy with it! I looked at one other provider when we were shopping around but it was over $100 a month MORE for us and that was just way too far out of our budget, not to mention it offered considerably less data! And I didn’t know this but U.S. Cellular has the BEST call quality and network satisfaction over every other carrier!

I’ve owned a Samsung phone for 10+ years now so I was happy to be able to keep my smartphone with the (at the time) new Samsung Galaxy S3. There were TONS of phone choices from pretty basic to some of the best on the market. My husband, however, preferred the Motorola and we always tease each other who has the better phone. (I do of course!) 🙂 Although at BlogHer I got to check out the Samsung S4 first hand and I’m pretty jealous – it looks like a SWEET phone! And I REALLY want the new cool photo app! If you haven’t seen it you should check it out! We haven’t looked too much into it but U.S. Cellular also has a pretty neat Rewards program where throughout the course of the year you earn points and can use them for phone accessories, ringtones and even phone upgrades! It’s pretty cool because we can earn points just by paying our bill!

So talk to me – tell me who your cell phone service provider is, what kind of phones you use, and what you do/don’t like about your carrier service! I’ll be updating my experiences throughout the year as a U.S. Cellular customer and ambassador too!


Disclosure: This post was an honest overview of my experience as a U.S. Cellular customer as part of the U.S. Cellular Better Moments Blogger Brigade Ambassador program.

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  1. My husband and I both have LG phones through Verizon. I’ve never heard of US Cellular, but I’ll have to see how much a plan with them would be.

  2. Congrats on being an Ambassador! I look forward to all of your upcoming posts! I have an iPhone on AT&T, but I’m open to trying something new.

  3. I actually haven’t heard of US cellular before today. I wonder if its available in my area? My boyfriend and I use boost mobile which is a prepaid company. He does a $50 a month plan (Was 55 a month but shrinks $5 a month after 6 months of payin your bill on time) with a smartphone so he can get email notificationson the go. I have a “dumbphone” that I do pay-as-you-go for ten cents a minute seems how I use less than 200 minutes/texts a month. I wonder how US cellular would compare for us?

    1. You should definitely check to see if U.S. Cellular is available in your area! My husband and I have a family plan so it may be different but we both have smartphones with data plans and unlimited talk/text and we only pay a little bit more than you do!

  4. Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell says:

    I have Verizon and have had them for as long as I can ever remember. I have an iphone and I’m content all the way around.

  5. We both have iphones with At&T and pay so much! Will have to look into this!

  6. i have an iphone 5 on straight talk. i’m dying to check out the galaxy s4. sooner or later someone may convince me to switch!

  7. I’m glad you found a plan that’s working for you. I would also have a hard time giving up my S3.

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